In Memory of Jeramie “JJ” Aiello
Terminalfury - Mike 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Sep 2017
In Memory of Jeramie "JJ" Aiello, Brother to us all!

Jeramie Aiello was known by many names, but here at 10PM Bedtime, he was JJ South!

It’s very surreal and it still hasn’t fully sunk in. People ask who he was to me, and initially, I found it tough to explain who he was and why it mattered that he’s gone. The best way I have found to describe JJ was that he was that best friend that would come over after school to play some video games with. I don’t know about you, but those were some of the best times of my life and sharing those experiences with friends like JJ will always stick with me. 

For most people, playing video games online is an outlet of some sort. For one person, it’s getting away from work or a bad relationship, the next, it could be anything from depression to PTSD. Regardless of what you play video games for, it’s tough to find good people to play with. I don’t mean good, as in their ability to play the game either. With all the hate and negativity out there in these toxic video game environments, meeting someone like JJ was the pure definition of finding a needle in a haystack. 

When 10PM Bedtime formed, Evan and I insisted on finding not only solid players, but great people that we could see ourselves hanging out with in real life. We have long histories of playing other MMOs where we found ourselves among great players, but terrible human beings. While we tried to strike a balance by only recruiting what I call the “1%ers,” somewhere along the way, we started losing our identity by valuing skill more than we should have.

After a few months of recruiting and losing people, we get an application from Jeramie-345. Initially, nothing jumped off his application to set this guy apart and I even remember us being skeptical from the get go. He wasn’t the best player, had very little raiding experience, and other recruits were clearly more skilled than him. Regardless, he pushed through and gave the remaining time in his trial period everything he had. By the end of the three weeks, we were all in agreement that 10PM Bedtime might not be the right fit for him. He urged us to reconsider but we were too blind to see that there was something different about him.

About a week later, after getting a bunch of messages from him, we started feeling guilty for turning such a nice guy away so we rescinded our decision and welcomed him home. There was something different about him and then a light-bulb went off in our heads. Maybe this was the key to that revolving door of people coming in and going out over the first few months that we chalked up as normal turnover?

The thing is, he was more than just some random guy we played video games with on the internet. He filled a very particular niche that our clan was so desperately missing. That niche was a social aspect that we had lost along the way. JJ had the unique ability to bring people together and unite them in a way that made them feel like they belonged. He was the guy that never met a stranger and treated everyone like they had been friends for years. He brought an uncanny level of genuine optimism, excitement and joy to us all. No matter if we were clearing a raid for the 100th time, he was always captivated by the adventure and being a part of our family. Sadly, as content became repetitive, this became a trait lost to several of us guardians.

JJ swaggered in a manner only he could, protecting the tower by restraining the darkness with his terrestrial bullets. He loved every aspect of Destiny but his love and appreciation really knew no bounds. Whether it was getting schwifty with Rick and Morty, trying to convince all of us how awesome the Nintendo Switch is, getting another video game related tattoo or pursuing his next platinum trophy on the PlayStation - our brother loved it all.

Do you see this shit? ROFL!

And of course, none of us could keep up with his platinum trophy quest. JJ was a trophy hunting machine!

In our community, when a Guardian passes on, we honor the memory of that Guardian with the following:

Eyes up Guardians,
Praise the sun in memory of those whose Light has been extinguished,
Remember the Light they brought into this world,
Remember how it made yours brighter,
The battle with the Darkness is not only outside our walls,
But inside ourselves,
In this time of great loss and greater Darkness,
Remember that even the strongest of Guardians can fall.
Not a failure, but merely the doom of life that we each carry over us,
At all times, the edge between Light and Darkness.
Eyes up, Guardians.
For our friends and fellow warriors,
For those whom the Light was cut short,
For the protectors, for the ones who stood at your side,
For those who were the brightest of all,
Eyes up, Guardians.

If you have some memories you'd like to share, leave them down in the comments. JJ may be gone, but he will never be forgotten! With Destiny 2 hours from launch, we are blessed to be able to enjoy the sequel that brought us together. Even though we are missing JJ dearly, he would want us to carry his light forward and enjoy ourselves as a clan! 

So, I call on all our guardians here in 10PM Bedtime!


19th Mar 2018 Ehleyezee
I know I am very much late to this but this absolutely crushed me when I saw this. I kinda stopped playing towards the end of the taken king and took back towards PC gaming but whenever I came back into the hangout chat Jeramie would always have an awesome conversation with me. Simply put he was an amazing guy! I did some of my trials with him back in the Prison of Elders days and I would always use his guardian orb to regain a shield and bring him back into the fight. I only wish I could Rez him one final time. Rest In Peace brother.
5th Sep 2017 Butters
I recall the time when a group of us set out after completing the Wrath of the Machine raid for the evening to get our Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifles. JJ was with us on this journey that lasted several hours. Out of the six of us (pictured above), he was the only one that didn’t complain and enjoyed every minute of it. When one of the party members was ready to pass out, here would come JJ, rallying us together to get this long quest chain completed. This journey dragged on into the wee hours of the morning and will certainly be remembered for the years to come.
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5th Sep 2017 Aozotorp - Evan
Here is a few of us exploring the farm during the d2 PS4 beta. JJ talked aloooot he was so excited ... eos/161395372
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