Destiny 2 - Everything We Know So Far
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Destiny 2 - Everything We Know So Far

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Good Afternoon Guardians,

As you may or may not have noticed, Hype is literally peaking and with it, rivers of questions, curiosity, ideas and even some salt have been ever present since last weeks reveal

It’s great to see so much wonder and concern over the future of this great game, so here I’ve tried to compile a list of everything we know so far and also try to answer some FAQs in between

New Legends will Rise
Starting where our journey begins -

When does Destiny 2 release?
  • Friday, September 8th 2017 – Prior to this, we will have a BETA (TBA)
  • No info on whether this will be a midnight launch for some / regular reset launch as of yet
  • Any pre-load will be done between 7-10 days before release, as it usually is with other new releases.
  • FYI - PC currently has NO confirmed release date, it's not necessarily delayed but so far it has no definitive date of release - Further info below

When does the BETA release?
  • No confirmation – PLEASE NOTE – The beta is OPEN from a certain point, you DO NOT have to pre-order to get access. Pre-ordering does however, grant you early access to the BETA when that is released. How much / long the early access and/or BETA will last is also, unknown

What content can we play in the BETA? 
  • No Confirmation

What Platform can I play this on?
  • Destiny 2 will be released on Xbox One, Playstation 4 & PC (PC version will potentially be released AFTER Console versions - PC awaiting confirmation)

When will PC be released and why is it still TBA?
  • No confirmation of either. PC is a new platform for Destiny to be played on, hopefully this is in PCs best interests to make sure the game is ready to meet its new friends on PC and will hit the ground running - all goes well, it will release the same date as Console

Can I Pre-Order now?
  • Yes you can from most well known retailers or digitally through your consoles. PC can be purchased as a disc but as there is no solid release date so some don’t offer the digital download just yet
  • FYI – When you do this DIGITALLY through Xbox / PS4 – You have access to the BETA on release, there is no code to input – If you purchase online / through stores, your code will either be given to you on receipt, email or email closer to the BETA is released. Any problems with these transactions, please contact your retailer

Whats the differences between standard / collectors etc?
  • Destiny 2 - Follow this link, it shows you all different versions of Destiny 2 and what comes with it for all platforms - You know what to do, Guardian

A World Without Light
The Destiny 2 reveal was broadcast on May 18th from Hawthorne, Los Angeles showcasing new features coming with Destiny 2 and also showed us for the first time, D2 Gameplay. The attendees were given access to 1 new story mission, ‘Homecoming’, 1 new Strike ‘The inverted Spire’ and 1 new PVP gamemode, Countdown (Showcased on 1 new map)

What new features / changes are coming with D2?
Changes / Features split into further categories for easier perusal


  • NO GEAR will be transferring over from D1 to D2. No guns / ships / armour / items of any kind. Hints at a special emblem to say 'we were here' in D1 but nothing solid as of yet.
  • The Cabal assault and successfully destroy the Tower, take over the last City and push the Guardians to the brink. The Cabal deploy a six-armed claw device that shields the Traveller and cuts us from its Light and with this destroy the Tower. Which is why we ‘start again’
  • "Recover the Vanguard" is one of our goals. Zavala and Ikora have left in existential crises, and Cayde vanishes on the battlefield trying to be a hero. We have to bring them all back.
  • New Story / Strikes / Public Events / Activities / Raid
  • Vex / Fallen / Hive / Cabal enemies confirmed. New variations of the enemies shown within the reveal.
  • Exploration has "big improvements" coming. In Destiny 2, you can launch any new activity without going to Orbit
  • Choosable landing zones implied but no confirmations on how these could work.
  • NPCs in within the world – No further confirmations on this or how it would work
  • Public Events confirmed and timers will be shown on the map. Heroic difficulties applicable (No confirmation how to access these)
  • Hidden dungeons called "Lost Sectors". These will be Sections on the map (Shown with a special symbol) where you will adventure too. There will be Loot guarded by a Boss, defeat the boss to get the Key to the Loot. These will vary in difficulty and be very engaging and fun. No confirmation if these will be random bosses / How often loot is obtainable from them / allow random players in them like a Public Event if you go in Solo
  • Map system that works like the Director. You can go from one planet to another from the map without the need to go to Orbit and back
  • 3 new planets confirmed. Nessus, IO, Titan but also mentioned of travel to fight the Cabal so may be leaving our Solar System too (Unconfirmed)
  • European Deadzone confirmed for Earth – Believe this will replace Cosmodrome / Old Russia for now - Twice as large as ANY other zone in Destiny.
  • Better Clan integration in Destiny 2. In-game rosters, in-Clan LFG, custom Clan banners. Shared reward system for Clans.
  • Guided Games - Where solo players can queue up with a Clan that has open slots. Basically an in-game LFG system, but with groups from clans instead of randoms all around. In summary - MATCHMAKING OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED FOR ALL ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING TRIALS, RAIDS, AND NIGHTFALL STRIKES!
  • More information required on Guardian Games i.e do you need to be in a clan / can all Solo players meet up together / Can you set requirements for groups – No confirmation on any of these. So far, you can read a Clan bio and YOU decide whether to join their team or not
  • Guardian shown driving a Tank – New Vehicles to be used in the game world but not much more information on that
  • New Emotes.
  • New Orbit UI.
  • New Ships / Shaders / Sparrows
  • New Weapon Foundry - Veist
  • Hawthorne (New NPC) lives at "The Farm" on Earth. (Possible new, 'homebase&#39
  • The Farm was also shown to have a football pitch with goals and fireworks if someone scored. GAME ON
  • Consoles will run at 30FPS
  • There will be NO Dedicated Servers for D2. However, Bungie have released information regarding this and how they have their OWN versions of DS and how that effects P2P - For details, Read Here - TWAB May 26th 2017

Weapons / Abilities

  • Intellect / Discipline & Strength did not appear on the Loadout screen - At this point, the game looks to be balancing itself by giving each subclass the SAME cooldown time / cooldowns are directly effected by selected abilties / different armour set ups on our Guardians
  • Subclass perks have been 'simplified' and split into 'sections' rather than an assortment of selected perks. Each section has 4 abilites in for you to choose and in the reveal it was shown 1 Exotic Shard was needed to unlock each ability
  • Alongside grenade and melee abilities, each class also has a third special ability. Note, these are NOT supers.
  • Grenade launchers and SMGs added
  • Swords returning but multiple reports of Sword 'Archtypes' so may not necesarily be dedicated to the Heavy Slot
  • Weapons are getting a revamp, the three new slots are now "Kinetic", "Energy" and "Power" weapons.
  • Two primary weapons and 1 Heavy – We will be given a standard Primary, an elemental primary (In the special slot) and a Heavy Weapon. Primaries – Pulse / Auto / Scout / HC. Secondary – Hand Cannon / SMG / Sidearm. Heavy – Sniper / Rockets / Fusion Rifle / Shotgun / Grenade launcher
  • Supers – Gunslinger / Striker / Voidwalker to remain and be re-worked
  • All Supers now appear to be ‘Roaming’ – Only Voidwalker wasn’t really shown as playable within the reveal but Striker was confirmed as roaming – Basically, multiple slams.
  • In the reveal, only Gunslinger, Striker & Dawnblade were playable classes
  • New Supers – Hunter – Arcstrider / Titan – Sentinel / Warlock – Dawnblade. These Supers look to replace Bladedancer / Defender / Sunsinger respectively
  • Nightstalker / Sunbreaker / Stormcaller were NOT shown or discussed at any point. No confirmation these will be returning
  • Abilities are seperate from Supers and were used by Holding O. Gunslinger showcased a new form of 'Shadestep' with 2 variants - 1 was to reload your weapon instantly afterwards, the other recharged your melee. Striker Titans deployed 1 of 2 walls - High version and a low version of which you can crouch behind and reload immediatley after popping over to fire. Dawnblade Warlocks had 2 'Buffs', 1 to weapon damage (Can be used by the Full Team - Only Buffed when IN the aura itself) and one that immediatley recharges shields (Can be used by the Full Team)


  • All Crucible gametypes going down to 4v4.
  • New PVP gametypes. An attack/defend gametype called "Countdown" was showcased to attendees at the reveal
  • 3 melees will now be required to kill a Full Health Guardian (Cannot confirm any abilities / combinations to lower this until we get more info)
  • New HUD shows enemies with Super Energy and Power Slot Ammo in PVP.
  • When in Super, a Guardian is WEAKER to elemental weapons of ANY element
  • Enemy Grenades highlight when stuck to surfaces
  • Stated above but Guided Games will also be available for PVP End Game. E.G. Trials matchmaking
  • Iron Banner not confirmed but screens show Iron Banner emblems on pieces of Gear
  • Control has been confirmed to be returning
  • In Countdown, it was shown that 'Heavy' ammo spawned EVERY round and when picked up, only the Guardian who picked it up FIRST, actually got the Heavy - No confirmation that this formula will be used in other game modes as of yet
  • The HUD now shows what location of the map you are in, basically built in call outs
  • The Kill Feed now also shows who activated a Super and who and where Heavy was picked up from on the map


  • Destiny 2 on PC will launch on Blizzard's exclusively, NOT Steam, Origin, OR Windows Store, meaning no Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Cross save between Console to PC was confirmed to not be a feature of Destiny 2
  • PC has no FPS Cap - Unlike console which is capped at 30FPS (Apologies PC players, Pc is new to me so any helpful info to add would be greatly appreciated)
  • The complete Specs of PC requirements is currently unconfirmed
  • Any details regarding Downloads / names Being used unconfirmed at this point

Lets get our Light Back

Destiny, the game


"What makes a Guardian, a Guardian?" - FAQs

Can I keep my character?
  • Yes, your appearance can be carried over

Can my appearance be edited in D2?
  • Unconfirmed

What about beards?
  • No confirmation as of yet

Old planets from D1 still available?
  • None shown on the Director. Right now I wouldn't expect anything from D1 to return from launch

PC release?
  • TBA

  • No mention but there was a screenshot that said 'Trade' in it. Unconfirmed at this point

  • Unconfirmed

Taken King Subclasses returning?
  • Unconfirmed / Not shown or mentioned thus far

Gear going forward?
  • None it all, it's all gone

Can I transfer my character between PS/XB to PC?
  • No confirmation on this - Personally id say no since you can't do it between Xbox and PS

When's the next Iron Banner?
  • ... Really?

The Last Word

I know there's mixed feeling and reactions on this reveal but trust me, this game is something to be really excited about.

Some will have seen my meandering around the Sub recently sprinkling information about it because I was there in LA on reveal day and honestly, playing D1 is already feeling like I'm missing out

I can't wait for the BETA to drop so we can ALL get hands on with it to forge some real opinions of what's ahead (I've said that a few times but can't stress it enough)

I understand why people are sceptics and good, so you should be, it's going to be awesome when the BETA finally arrives

Eyes up, Guardians

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