Spring Update News & Clarifications
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Spring Update News & Clarifications

Hey guys, holy shit it’s been a while since we’ve had a news post huh?  Well, we finally have some new stuff to talk about with the spring update dropping in a little under two weeks.  If you missed the latest Twitch stream from Bungie, you can find it here.   BTW, check out that new Exotic Sniper Rifle.  That's a pretty complete model for it just to turn out to be a joke.  April Fools or not, that thing is sexy!

Following Wednesday’s live-stream detailing the rewards that await Destiny players in April, Bungie offered some clarifications and new information about the impending update.

Some of your old favorite Exotics are making a comeback!  Calling it now, Eternal Warrior helmet is going to be OP after the Striker buff in the last update.  

Bungie offered a complete list of the Legendary weapons from Year One that are getting Year Two versions as well.  They are as follows:

  • The Devil You Know
  • Shadow Price
  • LDR 5001
  • Badger CCL
  • The Comedian
  • The Swarm
  • Y-09 Longbow Synthesis
  • Grim Citizen III
  • Two to the Morgue
  • Zombie Apocalypse WF47
  • The Saterienne Rapier

The process for obtaining these won't be the same as Year One Exotics that have gotten Year Two versions.  Some of those are coming in the April update, too, including the sniper rifle Patience and Time.  You can't purchase them outright or infuse the old versions; instead, you'll need to earn them by ranking up with the Vanguard or Crucible quartermasters.

Despite what was said on the stream, these can't be obtained through Legendary Engrams, and will only come from quartermaster reward packages which will have versions up to 330 Light.  Thankfully, those should be easier to come by, as reputation gains have been increased in Strikes, Crucible, and the Prison of Elders.

As revealed during the stream, infusion now works differently, with the weaker item taking on the full strength of the higher one, as opposed to a percentage of it.  Yesterday’s update clarifies that this is also true of Exotics, letting you instantly bring a lower-strength one right up to 335 light if you get a 335 that you don't want to keep.

We also got looks at all of the new Spektar gear, which is Chroma-compatible.  Chroma is a material that adds a glow effect to certain pieces of armor or changes the look of a weapon.  You can see all of this new armor before having Chroma applied above, along with the Desolate armor that lets you look like a Taken (it's not a Shader, as was previously believed.)

Ships and Shaders sold by Variks during Year One will no longer be available as they were previously; they'll now be offered in reward packages when ranking up with the House of Judgment.

Bungie also offered another look at the cool new Taken Sword, pictured below.

After you download and install the April Update, a great source of increased power will be the reward packages you earn when you rank up on a specific reputation path.  Below you will find the adjustments being made to reputation gains and rewards from the Sterling Treasure boxes.

Increased Reputation Gains:

Heroic Strikes

  • 120 Vanguard reputation
  • 60 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • 90 Crucible reputation
  • Additional bonus for winning
  • 45 reputation with your aligned Faction
Kill and Collect Patrols
  • 40 Vanguard reputation
  • 20 reputation with your aligned Faction
Scan, Scout, VIP, and Taken patrols
  • 50 Vanguard reputation
  • 25 reputation with your aligned Faction
Prison of Elders
Level 41
  • 150 House of Judgment reputation
Challenge of the Elders
  • 100 House of Judgment reputation

When you receive a new package, these are the previews of potential rewards (some guaranteed, some possible) that you’ll see upon inspection.

Crucible Quartermaster

Vanguard Quartermaster

Master Rahool or Master Ives

Variks the Loyal

All Faction Leaders

5th Apr 2016 Pyrelus - Clyde
Challenge of elders gives less gain than the match made version. Dafuq.
Really great post. Very neat and informative
3rd Apr 2016 Kenja - Steve
Nice update Mike. Very neat and concise
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