Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda


Most of our raids went well this week.  I think there was only one abortion that got stuck at Golgoroth but overall, our week was good.  We even had a very close stab at a clan fastest clear with a bunch of new guys in the group so great job on the quick run!  I was really impressed with everyone involved!

Promotions & Demotions

I’m happy to report that two of our Recruits made Rookie Raider this week.  If you haven’t had a chance to roll with Caboose or Mendez, you’re missing out.  They turned out to be great pickups for the clan!  Congratulations again guys!

Kayhas has been a pretty busy guy as of late and has asked that we bump him down to Casual status until further notice.  He will still be around here and there but don’t count on him for anything.

Recruitment (Closed)

These particular Recruits we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few weeks have been great.  Half of them passed their trials and were promoted last week.  The other half of them, TheGreatestScrub (Ian) and Afflaq (Randy) are on the chopping block this upcoming Thursday (Feb 4).  While I don’t expect either of them to screw up enough to fail their trials, crazier things have happened in our recruiting department.  Regardless of what we decide, we hope neither of them cry about our decisions.  That’s not me being an ass when I say that - ask Evan, we’ve had that happen before…

On another front, we have one more guy, Munny01 (Mike - no, not me) that we are going to start trialing this week.  I mentioned it last week in the update and got him added to the Google Hangouts.  Hopefully, he is still ready to go and as excited about starting his trial as he was two weeks ago.  We haven’t really heard anything from him so who knows, maybe the guy is dead.


Please don’t forget to SIGN UP for raid this week!  Anyone not signed up by noon tomorrow will not be raiding with us this week!  A message will go out in the General Hangout with links to the teams so keep an eye out for that.  Like always, make sure you’re on the correct character and have everything ready to go a little before 7:00 PM EST so we can start at the top of the hour!

Late or Taking a Break?

To anyone that might be late or taking some time off this month, please just leave a forum post in the Absences Forum letting us know what's up. 

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