Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda


There’s not much to say about this week other than it was a pretty good one overall for the clan.  All of our raids went off without a hitch and as far as I know, no one was left out.

Promotions & Demotions

There were no promotions or demotions this week but I would like to give some recognition to our newest Officer, Mark.  Apparently, we made a good decision by promoting him last week because we got a lot of solid feedback from you guys saying how great of a job he’s been doing.  That’s freaking awesome that he’s adjusting so easily to the new position and that he’s being so widely accepted by you all.  Thank you for having patience with us through the rocky holiday season of DOOOOM.

Recruitment (Closed)

We currently have four Recruits that are all doing pretty well across the board.  We recently took a vote in Officer Chat as a preliminary tally of “who are we keeping” and none of us had anything deal breaking to say about any of you.  There were some ups and downs with a couple of you in the beginning of your trials, but overall, you’re learning, you’re adapting and we get the feeling that you’ll all make solid pickups in the long run.  Keep chugging along and you’ll be Raiders soon enough.

Even though we said Recruitment is closed for now, we ended up accepting another applicant who you recently saw added to the Google Hangouts a few days ago.  His name, in case you missed it, is Munny01 - Mike and unfortunately, besides sharing my name, he’s another Canuck.  Despite his real name, where he hails from and our current status, we decided to give him a shot.  His trial will begin on the 2nd of February.  As always, if you get a chance to do any endgame content with him before then, make sure to leave him some feedback.


Please don’t forget to SIGN UP for raid this week!  Anyone not signed up by noon tomorrow will not be raiding with us this week!  A message will go out in the General Hangout with links to the teams so keep an eye out for that.  Like always, make sure you’re on the correct character and have everything ready to go a little before 7:00 PM EST so we can start at the top of the hour!

Late or Taking a Break?

To anyone that might be late or taking some time off this month, please just leave a forum post in the Absences Forum letting us know what's up. 

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