Weekly Recap & Agenda Is Back Bitches!!!
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Weekly Recap & Agenda

After a long winter’s nap…

As most of you remember, I used to publish a Weekly Update & Agenda every Sunday.  That is, until the holidays arrived, we all got a little busy and our numbers started dwindling.  All eight of us knew exactly what was going on in the clan so there was no need.  December was a rough period for the clan but we persevered.  Do you remember last month when I said… 

“When I look back to when we found our current Core Raiders, it was in a period of downtime in Destiny a bit after House of Wolves was getting stale.  The players that truly love the game as much as the rest of us will continue to grind through this downtime.  I think right now is the perfect time to find the people that will finally fill our ranks."

Well, I think those people are beginning to come out of the woodwork and seek out clans like ours now that the holidays are finally past us.  This being the case and since we have a resurgence in clan activity, I’ve decided to return the weekly updates to keep everyone in the loop.


First and foremost, we need to congratulate Kayhas - Nic on making the rank of Officer.  We had a hole to fill (giggity) and he has been doing great in his new role.  Keep in mind that Officers will be treated with the same respect you afford me and Evan.  They are extensions of the Admins and take our place when we aren’t around.

Since the last time we spoke, we've gone through quite a few recruits.  We weren’t exaggerating when we said we have a very low acceptance rate from our trials.  Out of five recruits last month, the only ones that stuck it out and proved they wanted to be here were Hazymage - Ben and Kenja - Steve.  So, if you were wondering who Steve was, or the N64 Chain Chomp guy with the bad jokes in chat was, now you’re caught up.  Congratulations on making Rookie Raider Ben and Steve, keep up the good work!


As far as recruitment goes, we’ve been busy digging through applications and interviewing our asses off.  The latest warm bodies that will begin their trials tonight are RobMendez - Rob and XCaboose1X - Carb.  Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Along with both of them, we have another three potential players that will probably end up starting their trials next Tuesday if their interviews go well…




Since last month, we’ve had to demote quite a few people to Casual status.  One of the more important players was ArchonReacher - Chris.  In the time he had with us, he was not only a great player, but an awesome guy.  As an Officer of the clan, losing him was a big hit when he completely fell off the grid.  I wish him and his wife the best in their new life together!  We miss you man!

Other Raiders we’ve had to demote to Casual status were BlueShell - Herrall, Ehleyezee - Kyle and Tobestik - Tobin.  Hopefully, their time as Casuals is short lived.

You may remember what I said about Casuals last month, if not - here you go… 

“When you can play more frequently or when the game perks your interest again, let us know and we will go over what needs to happen from there.  Put simply, we are not just going to reinstate a Casual back to their former rank without some hope that they’ll stick around for a while.  It just wouldn’t be fair to the people who have stuck it out through the tough times.”

I think that’s in proper English so if anyone has any questions about that, let me know.


Unfortunately, a few Recruits we had been trialing just weren’t going to work out.  All of them were average players and couldn’t adapt to our strategies.  Remember these guys?  They didn’t pass their trial periods…




There’s not much to say here.  I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season with their families.  To everyone that was able to raid and keep the clan active during the downtime, thank you for your dedication!


The teams have been posted for tonight and tomorrow’s raid groups.  Please make sure you are on the correct character and have everything ready to go a little before 7:00 PM EST so we can start at the top of the hour.

Late or Taking a Break?

To anyone that might be late or taking some time off this month, please just leave a forum post in the Absences Forum letting us know what's up.

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