Weekly Recap & Agenda (Playing Catch Up)
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Weekly Recap & Agenda

State of the Clan

The last couple weeks has been a little frustrating for the clan’s leadership.  During the downtime, we have had a few people lose interest in Destiny.  It’s been pretty rough and at one point, we talked with you all about going down to one rotating raid team with the ten most reliable players we have had over the last few months.  While that would work, I don’t think it is in the best interest of the clan.  Instead, I decided to push forward and continue recruiting.  It is my belief that we can fill our ranks with consistent core players, it is just a matter of finding them.  

When I look back to when we found our current Core Raiders, it was in a period of downtime in Destiny a bit after House of Wolves was getting stale.  The players that truly love the game as much as the rest of us will continue to grind through this downtime.  I think right now is the perfect time to find the people that will finally fill our ranks.  If we are lucky, maybe we already found a couple of them in our latest recruits.  Time will tell, but we will not give up as we push through Year 2!

Promotions & Recruits

It may be a week or two early, but what the hell, I decided to bump a few of our Rookie Raiders up to Core Raiders today.  Congratulations to Blue, Mark, Eko and Jeramie!  Thanks for sticking it out gentlemen, you truly are the foundation of the clan.  When times are slow, it is players like you who keep us all motivated to endure as a clan through the drought.

We brought in a few new bloods this week.  I’d like to welcome you all to 10 PM Bedtime and also wish you the best of luck during your trials with us.  The odds are stacked against you, but you wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think you could do it.  Learn the strategies, try to relax and get to know everyone.  Just chill, be yourselves, learn from your mistakes and grow into the clan.  If you are meant to be here, before you know it, you’ll be promoted to Rookie Raider around Christmas.

TheBatman - Sergio

Hazymage - Ben
Peerless - Alex
GuardianOne - Coady

Demotions & Removals 

Unfortunately, a couple of the Recruits we had been trialing just weren’t going to work out.  I usually like to part ways with people on a good note, but not with those dickheads.  You know who they are.  Both of them can fuck off for wasting our time.  Good riddance.  In a nice way.

On the lighter side, Kyle and his wife are going to be having their first baby soon and with his promotion at work, he had to shift his priorities inward.  If you see him around, make sure to congratulate him!  I wish you and your family the best bro!

As far as the rest of our Casuals go, don’t worry, you guys are still safe.  When you can play more frequently or when the game perks your interest again, let us know and we will go over what needs to happen from there.  Put simply, we are not just going to reinstate a Casual back to their former rank without some hope that they’ll stick around for a while.  It just wouldn’t be fair to the people who have stuck it out through the tough times.


Unfortunately, Chris is still in the process of moving and Matt had to take a week off to deal with some personal issues.  We can expect to have them both of our Officers back full time in the next week or so.  

The raids over the last couple weeks have been alright minus the fact that attendance was pretty lackluster.  We made it work though and almost everyone got all three of their characters through each week.  Recruiting should get us back to a state where we are doing two raids at the same time so no one will have to wait until Wednesday to get their runs in.  


This upcoming week’s runs should be pretty smooth in terms of having enough people to make two raid teams.  We have four new trials to play with so that gives us some breathing room.  We will put one Recruit in each run between Tuesday and Wednesday to start getting you used to how we do things.  This will reduce the chances of any potential wipes due to more than one person not knowing exactly how things go with us.  

Beyond the raids, we all know what month we are in now.  If you don’t, think “fat old man with a white beard delivering presents to kids.”  I know everyone is going to be busy this month and as far as attendance goes, we are going to be hit or miss over the holidays.  Depending on how many we get to sign up later this month, we may run the raid, we may not.  I hope everyone can be understanding and patient until after the New Year.  

Here are links to next week's raids, please sign up so we can get a head count:


Late or Taking a Break?   

To anyone taking some time off this month, please just leave a forum post in the Absences Forum letting us know when we will have you back full time.  To our Recruits, if you’re planning on taking some time off during your trial period, let us know.  We will just put your trial on hold until you’re back.


4th Dec 2015 Ehleyezee
Thank you Mike for the Kind words, it was an honor and privilege to play with each and every one of you
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