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We added one recruit this week and that was Corey (krAzzi88). His trial starts tomorrow. My advice to you is that first impressions are important.  Read the strats and bring your “A” game.  Brian, this is your last week as a recruit so make it a good one.  We will notify you on Thursday whether you will be staying or going.

Demotions & Removals

Chase was moved to Casual due to inactivity. 


The raids on Tuesday went pretty well.  Everyone involved was able to clear Oryx twice.  However on Wednesday there were not enough people to have even one run.  If you’re a recruit it is very important that you make yourself available for these runs and as an active member if we find you too unreliable you will be bumped down to a casual.  Just to remind everyone that as a casual you will be low priority when raid teams are decided so it’s not an ideal place to be. 


This week’s runs will be the same as we did them last week.  We are planning on clearing Oryx twice in both groups.  If the first two runs go quickly enough we may start on a third. 
Recruits, your performance in the coming raids will provide us insight on whether or not to continue your trial process or not so please show us you want to be here.

Here are links to this week's events, please let us know if you'll be making it:


Late or Taking a Break?  

If you're going to be late or taking a break from Destiny, please post in the Absences Forum

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