Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda


This week was pretty slow as far as recruits go, but the applications we did receive were pretty well done.  Last week, we managed to pull Butters0093 (aka CJ – not a doucher) from the lot!  His trial starts tomorrow.  Time to show us what you got CJ!  We have another three applicants that we have high hopes for that we will be interviewing tonight and tomorrow.  If you’re a recruit, that should make your butt clinch pretty hard.  We have three positions to fill with five potentials so, do the math.

Demotions & Removals

Nothing to see here.  Move along.


Well, last week was pretty dumb.  There was a pretty glaring error on our end (raid compositions) and a lot of errors made during raid in both groups.  At this point, no one has an excuse to not understand all the fights, what’s new, what’s required of you and the mechanics that have changed - especially on the early fights.  If you can’t adapt to the new mechanics on each fight and perform each role as required, we may have a couple more spots opening in the clan.  Get it done.


This week’s runs will be the same as we did them last week.  Mike/Evan’s group will get up to Oryx three times tomorrow and kill him a few times on Wednesday.  Chris/Matt’s group will run as far as they can, hopefully getting through two full clears of hard mode and finishing the third on Wednesday.  

Recruits, your performance in the coming raids will provide us insight on whether or not to continue your trial process or not so please show us you want to be here.

Here are links to this week's events, please let us know if you'll be making it:



Late or Taking a Break?

If you're going to be late or taking a break from Destiny, please post in the Absences Forum. 

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