Destiny's Forgotten Mystery: TTK Exotic Armor
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Destiny's Forgotten Mystery: Where Is The Taken King's Missing Exotic Armor?


Almost two months after release, the secrets buried within Destiny’s The Taken King appear to be winding down.  The Black Spindle, Sleeper Simulant and No Time to Explain have all been found, and we might be done hunting for any more Exotic weapons until the next DLC.

But Exotic armor? That’s another story, and if there’s one last major mystery left in The Taken King, it’s probably understanding why half of the pieces of exotic armor that were supposed to debut with Destiny’s new expansion are nowhere to be found.  No hints, no nothing.  Just…absent.  
It does not seem like a coincidence that each class has three unlocked pieces of Taken King-era exotic armor, and three hidden ones.  Here’s what’s missing right now:


Ophidian Aspect (Gloves) – Improved Siphon, weapons ready and reload very quickly.

Astrocyte Verse (Helmet) – Reduces Blink cool down and increases travel distance.
Transversive Steps (Boots) – Gain faster movement speed while crouching.  Picking up ammo automatically reloads the weapon matching that ammo’s type.


Shinobu’s Vow (Gloves) – Improves Skip Grenade and you gain additional Skip Grenade charge.

ATS/8 Tarantella (Chest) – Take reduced Arc damage from minions of the Darkness; Arc Grenades and Arc Blade recharge faster.
Fr0st-EE5 (Boots) – Tighter turn radius while sprinting.  Increased grenade and melee regeneration while sprinting.


Twilight Garrison (Chest) – Press O, O while airborne to evade.

Thagomizers (Gloves) – Fist of Havoc kills recharge your melee and melee kills recharge Fist of Havoc.  Gain an additional melee charge.
Dunemarchers (Boots) – Increased sprint speed, extended slide distance, increased movement speed while aiming your weapon, and tighter turn radius while sprinting.

Out of all of these, only two have been seen in the wild, from what I can tell.  There seems to be kind of really, really rare bug in Exotic chest engrams where a handful (out of presumably tens of thousands) have decrypted into Twilight Garrison and ATS/8 Tarantella, but it’s so uncommon that only a few people on earth have either right now.

So what’s going on here? Where in the world are these things, and why are they being hidden? Some of them seem really cool, and like they’d be great additions to the game, but without them, The Taken King has exactly as many as exotic armor pieces as House of Wolves, a DLC that was a fraction of the size.  This situation is starting to get a little weird.

Theory 1: They’re supposed to be ultra-rare

Maybe the Garrison/Tarantella bug isn’t a bug at all.  Maybe Bungie wants to give us a reason to keep grinding Three of Coins and hoping for engram drops by making these items rarer than anything else in the game.

I doubt it, however.  I’ve heard of low drop rates, but like, five people having an item in a game of millions of players is not good design.  And I don’t believe that Bungie would spend all this time designing half the expansions exotic items for them to only be used by .000001% of the player base.  Not buying it.

Theory 2: Xûr will sell them eventually

Xûr has kind of been nerfed in Year Two, and just doesn’t seem as relevant as he used to.  His primary job is to stock people up on Three of Coins, but now since he’s alternating between selling engrams and weapons, his selection isn’t quite what it used to be.

He does, however, seem to have a few tricks up his sleeve.  Xûr randomly ended up selling a Year Two version of Skull of Dire Ahamkara, a helmet that was only supposed to have a Year One version.  I have a theory that Bungie will build on this and eventually have Xûr start bringing other items forward, and that could extend to him slowly starting to sell these new hidden exotics as well.

But having Xûr alone be the only way to get nine exotic pieces of armor would A) be very time consuming, as he would at best, sell maybe one a week, if any and B) letting Xûr be the only way to get an item doesn’t seem great either, given that he could sell something once and never again, if these aren’t dropping from engrams.  Not a huge fan of this idea either.

Theory 3: They’re hidden in the game right now

Perhaps fans have burned themselves out hunting Exotic weapons, but they haven’t been looking hard enough for Exotic armor?

There are a lot of Daily Heroic missions out there where nothing has been found.  Perhaps with a bit more searching, these items could be discovered in the wild, and there has been a way to get them this entire time.

Again, I don’t think this is the case, however.  During the hunt for the Sleeper Simulant, the player base tore through every inch of every map, every Heroic mission, everything, in order to find clues.  If there was something to be found, I have to believe that a zillion people searching would have turned up at least one secret regarding these nine pieces of armor, yet there’s been none.  So all this leads to…

Theory 4: They’re in Bungie time gate jail

The most plausible theory is that Bungie is keeping them locked away to be released at a later point in time.  Maybe one day we’ll wake up and we’ll have a “calling all Warlocks” mission to go find the Astrocyte Verse, or an “attention Titans” bulletin that will lead to a quest to get Dunemarchers.  I don’t know if these would end up being fully-fledged exotic quest lines (scripting out nine more of those would be a chore) or if it could be some sort of quicker “challenge” like the Black Spindle.

Yet if this is what’s happening, I’m not exactly sure what Bungie is waiting for.  We’re in the middle of the most fiercely competitive time of year for video game releases between Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, Battlefront and more.  Now seems like the time to start unlocking new quests and items to ensure people aren’t straying too far from Destiny.  Or, something else could be at play…

Theory 5: They’re just not ready for prime time

Sometimes Bungie makes gear and then just doesn’t release it, or saves it for later.  It’s entirely possible that Bungie is continuing to tweak these pieces of gear to ensure they arrive and don’t unbalance the game in some way.  A Titan air-dodge is an entirely new mechanic.  There are a few boots which talk about “sprint cornering improvement” which isn’t something that exists in the game yet.  Maybe these are still in the experimental prototype stages, and we won’t see them until the next expansion.

I’m still sticking with Theory 4 though.  The exactly even split between what’s been released for all three classes and what hasn’t is too precise to be an accident, and Bungie has proven that they love their time gates.  But they’re going to have to start picking up the pace at least a little bit if they’re going to unlock nine different armor pieces over a staggered window, and they haven’t even started yet.

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