Bungie Expected Players to Exploit Three of Coins
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Bungie Expected Destiny Players to Exploit Three of Coins for Exotics

Bungie Creative Director Luke Smith admits that the studio knew the Three Of Coins would be abused in Destiny, but released it anyway in the spirit of being generous.

Destiny players are no strangers to the hunt for exotic loot, which can often be a long and frustrating experience. Last month, a new consumable item named the Three Of Coins was introduced, which quickly became the de-facto best way to gather exotic loot drops, with previously-unheard-of rates of success. Fans everywhere spread the word about the Three Of Coins, and it was soon the center of attention, as gamers rushed in to get their share of the goods.

Although Bungie has since nerfed the chance-based Three Of Coins and patched some of the exploits that came along with it, a member of the studio has confirmed that Bungie was aware gamers would abuse the Three Of Coins in Destiny before they had included it, but decided to release it anyway.

The Three Of Coins is a consumable that gamers can use to drastically buff their chances of getting exotic loot after defeating their next Ultra. Ever since Three Of Coins was added to Destiny in the Taken King update, strategy guides and gamers alike have pointed their friends to the item, which can be purchased from Xur for a few Strange Coins. Curious gamers were quick to discover several exploits that would allow them to use Three Of Coins consumables and an easily killable boss to quickly farm mass amounts of exotic loot, a massive change of pace for a game which hasn’t always been so generous with exotic drops.

The studio was relatively quick to push out a hotfix to stop the exploits, but plenty of gamers had already gotten away with an irregular amount of exotic engram drops. Bungie evidently isn’t too upset about the development, though, considering that they knew the Three Of Coins consumable would lead to over-generosity in regards to the exostic drops – although perhaps not to the extent which happened via the exploits.

Creative Director Luke Smith, who just confirmed a challenge mode for the King’s Fall Raid earlier this week, was the one who admitted that Bungie knew that they were being a little uneconomical ahead of the inclusion of Three Of Coins, but did it anyway:

“We understood when it went out the door that it was going to lead to some over-generosity in the exotic game, and I take responsibility for that, but the spirit of the Three Of Coins is really awesome. We wanted the game to be, and feel, more generous – and the ideal application of how these things should be used post-hotfix is yet to be discovered.”

Luke Smith also stated he was happy that, at the very least, a story came out about Destiny being overly-rewarding instead of a grind, and mentioned that people should look at where Destiny is now compared to where it was a year ago. The studio has reportedly been trying to shy away from an anti-casual gamer reputation, and evidently one of the best ways to do this is to make exotic drops less of a grind to gather.

While they won’t be pursuing those who exploited the Three Of Coins to farm loot, Bungie will be banning those who cheat within the Trials of Osiris. The studio confirmed they would be doling out multi-month bans to those caught cheating within the highly competitive multiplayer mode, which pitches players against each other in an effort to collect some of that sweet, sweet, endgame gear.

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