Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda


Another week of shuffling through a whole lot of applications, we managed to pull one from the group, and that was Bloudd (Brian)!  His trial starts this coming raid week.  Good luck!

Demotions & Removals

We had to part with one of our raiders this past week, notsleepin.  He was removed due to issues involving his skill and adaptability level along with other personal issues.  For anyone in the clan who has been here for a while, you know that Nate has been here just about as long as any of you.  He serves as a clear example that we will not let our members regress in either terms of skill or personality.  We will work with you to help you maintain your position in the clan, but if you can’t make the necessary adjustments we request of you, don’t expect to stick around.


Coming into the 4th week King’s Fall hard mode has been released.  At this point, no one has an excuse to not understand all the fights, what’s new, and the mechanics that have changed.  If you are still curious how we do things for each fight, the Admins have posted our clan's strategies for each encounter along with all of the changes in hard mode.


This week’s runs will be the same as we did them last week.  We will try to get three runs up to Oryx on Tuesday and kill him a few times on Wednesday for a quick night.  Here are the links to 
Tuesday and  Wednesday's signups. 

Trials and recruits, your performance in the coming raids will provide us insight on whether or not to continue your trial process or not so please show us you want to be here.

Late or Taking a Break?

If you're going to be late or taking a break from Destiny, please post in the  Absences Forums.

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