Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda

Promotions & Trials

Nothing to see here.


We had a LOT of applicants come through our door but unfortunately, we did not add any new recruits this week. If you have a friend that plays at a high level and you think they have what it takes, please refer them over to us.

Demotions & Removals

We parted ways with one recruit, SBF. He is in the military and is being short notice PCSed so he had to withdraw himself from his trial.


Our Strategy Team went in over the weekend and got our first kill for Hard Mode Oryx! We have listed all the changes from Normal Mode. Please refer here before raid tonight so you aren’t holding the group back.


Tuesday and Wednesday is business as usual. Tuesday will be all mains getting as far as they can through Hard Mode and Wednesday will be dedicated to alts. We have no backups this week so if you sign up, you better show up or you’re going to screw over an entire team.

As Beechy said last week, these runs are most important for the recruits.  How you all perform in the raid will have a great impact on your future with the clan.  Jeramie, Mark and Eko, you all are on the chopping block this week so be on point!  We will let you know your fates on Thursday.  Keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be fine.

Late or Taking a Break?

If you are going to be late, or you won’t be able to make it this week, please post in the  Absences Forums.

- Mike

1st Nov 2015 Champion_killer
Saw you updated the war priest encounter guide. Glad I could help those who maybe didn't know. The cellar sequence didn't change, it's the same as before. And maybe something for you to give a try, if you have 2 Titans and 2 hunters you can kill the war priest in one round with 6 ToM, 2 tethers and a double bubble of WoL/BoL, works really well then you can be onto Golgoroth.
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