Halo 5 Vs Destiny
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What's Better: 'Destiny' Or 'Halo 5: Guardians?'

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Space opera fans have a choice to make. Halo 5: Guardians releases today, and as luck would have it, it’s pretty good. 343 industries has fully taken the reigns, and they’ve made . But, as we all know, Bungie didn’t stop making games when it stopped working on Halo. That team is now synonymous with Destiny, the equal parts maddening and brilliant shared world shooter that’s looking to change how console players look at games. So which one is worth your time?

The short answer is both, but we’re here to get it down to one. Some might argue that it’s a pointless comparison and there are, of course, irreconcilable differences here: both are excellent games, both with aspects that will appeal to different people. One is a shared world pseudo-MMO, the other a traditional campaign/multiplayer package. But they also have a lot in common, and not everyone has the money to spend on both of these games or the time to commit to them, and that means that there are decisions to be made.

If Destiny comes with one major advantage, it’s the guns. Halo might have some more interesting weapons in its arsenal (the needler, the energy sword, the suppressor, etc.), but none come quite close to the way a gun feels in Destiny. If there is one reason why Destiny managed to emerge from its troubled launch and reach the relatively solid place its found itself in today, it’s the mystifying, hypnotic satisfaction of its headshots. Guns have impact, weight, and movement. They’re satisfying in a way that Halo can’t quite match. That’s true of all of that moment to moment gameplay — Halo can have almost a floaty feeling to it, but there’s something ineffable about the tightly-oiled machine that is Destiny gameplay. So I’m handing that one to the newcomer.

When it comes to broader mission design, however, Destiny leans a little more heavily on those mechanics and doesn’t always give us the variety or room for exploration that Halo does. Halo has vehicles, for one thing (Destiny does too, but they don’t really count). Destiny’s missions have gotten a whole lot better since last year, but playing Halo reminds you that they’ve still got a long way to go. Not only is the actual writing better in Halo’s campaign, the whole single-player design is just a little more thought out. There’s a scale to what 343 does with Halo that  Bungie hasn’t quite met with its new series. It carries over to the multiplayer, too: Destiny’s crucible is fun, but there’s nothing in it quite like warzone.

Destiny has some grandeur in it as well, but it’s inevitably walled off for any players that can’t get five friends and serious time commitment in order to play the raid. That’s a problem that runs throughout the game: Halo 5 is unquestionably the better solo experience, whether you’re lone wolfing in multiplayer or playing the campaign.

The biggest difference between these two games, however, is structural. Halo 5 is a discrete unit, albeit one that will continue to receive free DLC maps for multiplayer. We know what we’re getting, we know exactly what the single-player is going to be like, and we’re not going to get any major content dumps until, well, Halo 6. Destiny, on the other hand, is a moving target. Weapons are being constantly rebalanced, new missions introduced and larger content expansions rolled out. It has Halloween. Destiny may not be a true MMO, but it sure borrows a lot from them.

Both strategies have their plusses and minuses: while it can be nice to play a shooter that keeps changing, Destiny’s flexibility also means that it’s ephemeral. If you buy all the Destiny there is to buy this year, there’s a good chance your purchase won’t be particularly usable unless you fork over some more cash in a year’s time. Halo, on the other hand is bound to be more stable, but at the same time limited in other ways. Tradeoffs.

So those are some of the major differences, but this post wouldn’t be much good if I didn’t come to an actual decision. And I’m going to go with Destiny on this one. Part of that is the fact that you just get more bang for your buck if you spend your money on all the content that’s currently out for Destiny, but mostly it comes down to that unstoppably addictive gameplay. More content doesn’t count unless you’ve got some excellent gameplay to fill it with, and there’s just something about the feeling in Destiny that keeps you poking around the corner for one more dreg.

27th Oct 2015 Aozotorp - Evan
I have a love/hate relationship with these forbes articles, but even so Halo 5 doesn't look half bad only downside is you have to play it on XBOX. Womp Womp.
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