The Taken King Concept Art
robhaber - Rob 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Oct 2015
The Taken King Concept Art

Yes, there’s a Destiny concept art mega-post, but this new Taken King stuff is so good I think it deserved its own feature.

It’s by Ryan DeMita (via concept art world), and Destiny players will recognise some of it from the expansion’s cinematics, others as concepts for the Taken, the amazing black & white sketches as Edge magazine covers and those two giant poker-style images (from the Collector’s Edition) as things I am wanting on my walls now very much.

Note the card images were a collabo with Garrett Morlan.

24th Oct 2015 ekodyne
These are amazing! Two of these just made it as my new screen backgrounds. thanks for the post!
22nd Oct 2015 Terminalfury - Mike
Nice post Rob! I love concept art for video games, especially when it's related to one I love playing. Good stuff
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