Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda

What up its ya boi Beechylicious. I'm here with the weekly recap and agenda. Be sure you follow and like this post yo.

Promotions & Trials

Last week we promoted Tobin (Tobestik) to rookie raider. 
 I have not played with him but Mike and Evan were impressed with him so I have no doubt that he will perform well with us. 


We did not add any new recruits this week.  I would like to mention that there is a slight change to the trial period.  We have decided to extend all trails to three weeks.  Jeramie, your trial will be over at the end of this week.  Fiendish (Dylan), Mark2626 (Mark), and Ekodyne (Matt) will have their trials extended by one week. 

Demotions & Removals

We parted ways with two recruits, Crispy and ThaKingPlayAce.  While they were both good guys and above average players they did not meet the standards that we hold our raiders to.  Peyton was moved down from raider to casual due to time constraints that are preventing him from playing as much. 


I think that most, if not all of the runs last week went well.  I feel that everyone is starting to get pretty comfortable with all of the roles but I would strongly suggest that everyone take a look at all of the encounters that Mike wrote up here. 


Tuesday and Wednesday is business as usual.  Sign up and kick ass. These runs are most important for the recruits.  How you all perform in the raid will have a great impact on your future with the clan.  On Friday, hard mode will drop and we’ll be taking one team in for the first run.  We are only offering this to members ranked “Raider” and above.  If you are interested please sign up  here.

Late or Taking a Break

If you are going to be late, or you won’t be able to make it this week, please post in the  Absences Forum.


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