Next Microtransaction Item: Subclass Boosters?
robhaber - Rob 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Oct 2015
Next Microtransaction Item: Subclass Boosters?

Players digging around in Destiny’s new patch files have found some new items that offer some pretty meaty bonuses, so where are they?

Source: VG247

Valorous Light increases the chance of weapon and armor drops in the King’s Fall raid and Heuristic Light will give you an additional Moldering Shard – also in the King’s Fall Raid.Creative director Luke Smith has denied that they will be flogging these buffs for silver on twitter.

However, he didn’t address the third item that was found. The Subclass Infusion fully levels your equipped subclass. Combined with the fact that a forum thread discussing these items – and whether they would be something players would have to pay for – was locked down, it’s no wonder that the conclusions being drawn are that this is the next item we’ll be able to spend silver on.

But nothing has been confirmed yet, so sit tight for more updates. Maybe have a browse of the emotes and see if you’ve got enough cash lying around to buy them all.

15th Oct 2015 Aozotorp - Evan
I would love to see some QoL items for RL money. WoW does it currently and it has no hindrance on player experience and gives no advantage in game.
15th Oct 2015 Terminalfury - Mike
That's not to say they won't sell them from Xur or some other source for some in game currency. Nice find Rob!
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