Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda

Promotions & Trials

Last week, we got one of our trials promoted BlueShell (Herrall) up to Rookie.  He absolutely has what it takes to move forward with us, so congratulations to him!  Keep up the good work man!  The following recruits have been given their two week notice and we will be in contact with each of them on Thursday to let them know if they’ll be staying or not:

Tobestik (Tobin)
Jeramie345 (Jeramie)
Crispyjawnsawn (Johnson)
ThaKingPlaYaCe (Dean)


We picked up another three Recruits to trial over the next week or so, you guys have some pretty big shoes to fill so be on your A game throughout the next week or two.  Our expectations of you have been expressed already, so welcome and good luck to you all:

Fiendish (Dylan, good player but we need to see more of you man – your trial ends 22 Oct.)
Mark2626 (Mark, so far so good, show us what you got during raid this week – your trial ends 22 Oct.)
Ekodyne (Matthew, solid, make sure you know each of the roles in KF – your trial ends 29 Oct.)

Demotions & Removals

No one was demoted or removed, but there were a couple people that stepped away from the clan on their own.  They prove that this clan isn’t for the feint of hearted so it was probably for the best.  If you have questions or concerns about either of them, let us know.

ThatThingISentYa (Travis)
Rawb127 (Evan’s friend Rob)

Rank Structure

I touched on our rank structure last week hinting at sweeping changes to come.  Well, they’re here and they’re permanent.  For a breakdown of the clan’s hierarchy, please click  here.


Last week’s attendance was great overall.  Our recruits were on time and the majority of our eight clan King’s Fall runs went off without too many issues.  One however, with three of our recruits on Wednesday, should serve as a glaring reminder to everyone that we expect nothing but the best from you all.  As I brought up above, Travis decided to bow out gracefully after that run realizing this wasn’t the clan for him.  The other two – Dean and Johnson, please redeem yourselves during this week’s runs.  


This week is again, going to be quite the cluster fuck.  With all these new recruits, we have to get play time with them and see how they stack up.  We’re still ironing out these details as to how we’re going to work them into our Tuesday/Wednesday raids, but don’t worry, we will get you all in there.  It may not be the first runs of the night but we will see who signs up and what we have to pull from.

Speaking of signing up, that’s probably why you’re here in the first place.  This week's sign up for Tuesday is here, and Wednesday is  here.

Late or Taking a Break? 

If you are going to be late, or you won’t be able to make it this week for whatever reason, please post in the  Absences Forum.

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