10 PM Bedtime's New Rank Structure
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10 PM Bedtime's New Rank Structure

This will be the last time we need to modify the rank structure.  Please note that the raiding ranks are Veteran, Core and Rookie Raiders.  None are superior in any way.  They have their names to differentiate their time in the clan.  Also note that just because someone is a Casual, it doesn't exclude them from attending our raids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Admin – These are the clan's main leaders.  If they’re in your group, they are in charge. 
Officer – These are the Admin's second in command.  If they’re in your group and the Admins aren’t, they’re leading it.  They are your go to guys when the Admins aren’t around.
Veteran Raider – You’ve been raiding consistently with the clan for six months or longer!  If the clan grows any larger and we need more Officers, we will pull from this rank.
Core Raider – Your three months of service has concluded and you are now a Core Raider.  You will be promoted to ‘Veteran Raider’ after six months of service.
Rookie Raider – You just passed your trial period.  This is your first rank in the clan.  You will be promoted to ‘Core Raider’ after three months of service.
Casual – You have a hard time making raid days and times.  If you need to take a break for a while, we will bump you down to this rank until you can play full-time again.  Friends and family will also occupy this rank.
Recruit – You just joined the clan and are in your two week trial period.  Good luck!
Probation – You’re doing something wrong and have the potential to be removed from the clan.  Fix your shit!
Applicant – Get off our site unless you’re going to fill out an application!


Everyone that is a Recruit and above has a shiny new insignia to go along with their new rank. You can find yours on your profile page!

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