The Sleeper Simulant Quest
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The Sleeper Simulant Quest

How to decode the Curious Transceiver and Repair Ikelos Fusion Cores

Source: VG247

Get your ass to the Cosmodrome, on the double.

Still wondering what the Sleeper Simulant is? Get your ass to the Cosmodrome on Earth and you’ll find a quest called The First Firewall.

This begins the quest for the Sleeper Simulant, a new exotic weapon that goes in your heavy slot. We’re not entirely sure how powerful it is yet, but our man Arekkz Gaming is on the case, and he’s working through the quest now.

Curious Transceiver Codes

Once you’ve completed The First Firewall quest you’ll be given The Curious Transceiver. You’ll need to input a series of codes, so follow the instructions in the video below.

Once you’ve entered the codes correctly you’ll be given a new quest, asking you to speed run Cayde’s tower in under four minutes.

Ikelos Fusion Core

Once you’ve completed the four minute run you’ll be given the Ikelos Fusion Core. You now have to repair the core, and this requires that you complete The Archive mission on Venus.

After that, dismantle a heavy weapon and then complete the Warsat defense Public Events on Earth, the Moon and Mars. You can now hand the Core in to Banshee… and wait.

So far, that’s as far as the quest goes. When Banshee decides it’s time to issue the rest of the quest, we’ll let you know.

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