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Oryx Clan Strategy

Alright guys, the final Oryx boss fight may be simple when done in repetition but there are a lot of moving parts when examined from afar.  It can be especially daunting for someone who hasn’t seen the fight yet.  I'm here to explain the fight, and every role that makes the encounter move along smoothly.

Let’s start with the basics – this is how our clan labels the platforms.  It starts from the front of the room (where Oryx spawns), and reads like a book from left to right, top to bottom from 1 through 4.


The fight begins when you initially walk past the first set of the blue pillars located at the end of the room on the sides of the main pathway.


Phase 1

Oryx will rise up from the depths and two sets of Taken Thrall will spawn on the left and right sides.  They are located in the black pools of water in the corners of the room.  After these have been killed, a Taken Knight will spawn on top of pillars 1 and 2.  After these Knights are dead, your fireteam will spread out to their assigned pillars to prepare for phase two.


Phase 2a (Pillar & Floater Duty)

After a brief pause, Oryx will then move to the left or right (as shown in the picture below.)  When he arrives at either pillar one or two, he will raise his fist and prepare to slam the platform.  Don’t be up there when he slams!  After he slams his fist, a relic will appear in the air exactly like the Death Singers encounter.  The mechanic is the same with the exception of one aspect – whichever platform Oryx slams will be the first platform activated.  The platforms are activated simply by standing on them for a short amount of time.  Allow your Relic Runner up on the platform first, as Oryx leaves behind an orb which makes the first person it touches torn between realities.  After your Relic Runner is up, the person assigned to that platform will follow, and the other platforms follow up in a counterclockwise fashion.  In the picture below, the order would be 2 - 1 - 3 - 4.  These players will not leave their assigned platform until the Relic Runner has called ‘last.’  As each platform is activated, a major Ogre will spawn in the pools next to each platform.  The players assigned to the platforms are responsible for killing the Ogre that spawns directly underneath them.  Each person assigned to a platform needs to help with their "mirror" platform located on the other side of the room.  So, platform 1 will help with 2's, and vice versa.  Platform 4 will help with 3, and so forth.  These Ogres, once killed, will drop a black orb.  

(NOTE: The Ogres spawn timer begin when the platform is activated, so in this instance, platform 2's Ogre will spawn first, and platform 4's Ogre will spawn last.)

(NOTE: Once these orbs are dropped, *DO NOT* stand or run near them.)


Phase 2b (Everyone)

Remember the Relic Runner?  While the ground team is taking care of the Ogres, the Relic Runner will be jumping platforms above you attempting to reach the Relic.  When he gets to the last floating island where it's located, he will call ‘last.’  When this is called, the ground team converges into the center of the room.  A Defender Titan will cast an Illuminated Weapons of Light (WoL) Ward of Dawn in the center and wait.

Phase 2b (Relic Runner)

As you descend from the last platform, a Hive Drop Ship will zone in and approach.  The ship will drop a major Knight at the front of the room and your job is very similar to the Death Singers.  Run up to the Knight and steal his brand by pressing ‘square.’  You will gain a brand called ‘Aura of Immortality,’ just like the previous fight, meaning you or anyone standing inside of it cannot take damage.  Run back to your ground team located in the center of the room.

(NOTE: This ship travels on the same path that runs down the center of the room and anyone CAN be hit by it.) 


Phase 2c (Everyone)

After your Relic Runner makes it to the center, your focus is on the major Knight behind him.  After the Knight is killed, your focus then goes to Oryx.  He will slam his fist again on the platform he originally slammed.  A brief delay will occur after the slam and his chest will open up exposing his "core".  Make sure you have refreshed WoL and shoot his core which will be lit up in a very bright white.  This is a damage check so light him up!  Once enough damage is dealt, he will "stagger" and fall forward.

(NOTE: DO NOT shoot the Knight until he is within shotgun range.  After he arrives, he needs to die ASAP!) 

(NOTE: Stay inside the Aura of Immortality during this part.)

Phase 2d

The Raid Leader will call for a Nightstalker Hunter’s Smoke Bomb to cloak the fireteam.  As soon as they are invisible, the four members assigned to platforms will run to their black orbs dropped by the Ogres they killed earlier.  They will need to stand inside their respective orb for approximately three seconds after which a phrase will pop up above their super bar announcing they detonated their orb.  As soon as this happens, they need to sprint back to the middle where the Aura of Immortality is located since Oryx is charging for another blast.  Once back safely within the Aura, continue shooting Oryx in his chest until he falls off the ledge.  

(NOTE: Detonating the four orbs along with constant DPS will bring Oryx down 25% of his health each time this is completed.)


Phase 3a

After another brief pause, Oryx will rise up from where he first spawned, and now, it’s time to run.  Oryx will start spawning blight bombs under you, and running is the only way to avoid them.  The running paths to prevent overlap are the players assigned to platforms 1-4 will run around their respective platforms.  The Relic Runner will run the elongated path at the front of the room and the 6th fireteam member assigned to add duty will run circles on the stairs at the back of the room.  Knights that spawn on top of each pillar are not worth killing and will despawn after this phase is completed.  If you are being hit by their blasts, small jumps while running will prevent any damage being taken.  After this is over, platform members return to their platforms, and Relic Runner watches where Oryx goes next.  

(NOTE: He will always alternate from front to back platforms each phase.)


Repeat Phases 2a through 2d

Phase 3b

After successfully bringing Oryx down to 50%, Phase 3a will be replaced with Phase 3b.  At this point everything above remains the same except instead of running, Oryx will spawn a large black bubble in the front of the room.  A Taken Knight will also spawn on each of the pillars in the front of the room and multiple waves of Taken Thrall will spawn in groups of three from the black pools of water in the left and right corners of the room.  These Thrall need to be killed as soon as they spawn because they are trying to go into the black bubble and help Oryx kill people that are inside of it.


Inside the bubble

One by one, each member of the fireteam will be teleported inside the black bubble.  While inside, you do not regenerate health and there will be a Shade of Oryx you need to kill.  It can be damaged while in the fog (unlike the ‘Regicide’ mission.)  He will randomly teleport 90 degrees to the right or left (and sometimes 180 degrees behind you.)  A Raid Leader will call the direction of his movements.  At random times, he will begin to glow, focusing on a player inside.  He will let out a roar and charge into the center of the bubble to chop at the focused player with his sword.  This person needs to double jump back/left/right to avoid being hit.  When you're teleported in, the first thing you should do is double jump.  This is another small DPS check.  If you take too long to kill the Shade, it’s a wipe.

(NOTE: Have a Nightstalker Hunter in your fireteam tether the Shade when he comes to the middle to kill someone.  It will keep him around a little longer for extra damage.) 

Phase 4

After the fourth successful round of detonating orbs, Oryx will be at 1% health.  He isn’t dead yet!  He will rise up one last time at the front of the room where he originally spawned.  A Defender Titan will drop a WoL in front of where the black bubble was on the center walkway.  Oryx will open his chest one last time for a final attempt at killing your fireteam.  Light his ass up and you win!   


Bonus Material!


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