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Beechylicious - Matt 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Sep 2015
This will be shorter than the state of the union but I fully expect you stop reading every 10 seconds and applaud what I have written because I am awesome. 

We have had to change the way that we set the raiding groups up due to a host of issues but the main one being that raiders have had trouble making the set 7:00 PM EST time on a weekly basis.  From now on, there will be a link to a calendar event in the Weekly Recap/Agenda where you will sign up.  Singing up there will be the only way to make it on to a raid team and you must be signed up by Tuesday.  From the list of people that signed up, the Admins will set the raid groups.  Sometimes you will have to be a back-up, sometimes you will have to play with the worst player in the clan (Beechy), but most of the time you’ll make it in to a raid group.  There will be no tolerance for complaining about not making a team or if you have to play with someone you don’t like (Beechy).  This is not a veiled shot at what happened with CJ Tuesday.  This is a warning to everyone that sometimes you won’t like what happens but that’s just how it is.

You may have noticed that we’ve had to scramble the past two weeks to fill raid teams.  We are looking to avoid dealing with that every week so 10 PM is recruiting more members.  We are not looking to replace anyone but you should know that poor attitude, playing like crap and a lack of attendance will hurt your chances to make a raid team going forward.

This is the first one of these that I have written for the clan and I believe that there should have been at least 5 ovations.  If you did not you may please leave the clan. 


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30th Sep 2015 jkoch2010
Can't find emoji for standing ovation instructions unclear tried to stand while driving small accident. Much applause well done
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