Kings Fall Loot Table [Unconfirmed]
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Kings Fall Loot Table [Unconfirmed]

  • First chest: Ghost, Shards
  • Hidden chest after the ships before totems: Shards, Ghost (?), wormspore, hadium flakes, ammo synth
  • Chest after totems: Ghost, Fusion rifle, Shards,
  • War priest: Ghost, Fusion rifle, Sniper, Machine gun, Rocket launcher, Shards
  • Golgoroth maze chest: Shards
  • Golgoroth: Boots, Chest, Gloves, Fusion rifle, Shotgun, Sniper, Shards
  • Piston jumping puzzle chest: Exotic armor or weapon (low chance), Shards, Hadium flakes, Wormspore, Ammo synth
  • Daughters: Shotgun, Class items, Fusion rifle (?), Shards
  • Oryx with no shards:Primaries, Helm, Emblem, Shader, Shards, Exotic Weapons or armor (low chance), Class items(?), Ghost(?)


Drop from having 20 shards after oryx: one additional drop from any part of the raid (this consumes the 20 shards in your inventory and can be any raid drop including just one shard which is super frustrating). You can't use 40 shards at once for 2 extra drops - only 20 can be used at a time. You can't go back with 20 shards and kill Oryx to get a chance at loot if you've already looted him that week and used shards (unsure if you can loot him with shards only if you haven't used shards yet on that character that week?).

Antiquated runes: may drop from any chest. They may drop from any boss also, even if you have already done the raid on that character according to /u/OverlyCasualVillain. This is probably a separate roll from your main drop.

Engrams: Contrary to past raids, you can get engrams to drop from the enemies in any part of the raid, you can get experience to level up your gear, and you can complete bounties which is great.

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