Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda


Weekly Recap


Holy shit we’re finally done recruiting for TTK!


There’s no more recruits?! Say whaaat?!


Alright, first thing is first - if you haven’t already heard by now, Beechy and Archon are our two new Officers of the clan now - one step below the Admins. We think two is enough for now. If you disagree or have any questions about how they fit into your ‘chain of command’, let us know. For the most part, they are your go-to guys if Evan and I aren’t online. 

Our other promotion this week happened today and just in the nick of time - EHLEYEZEE, aka Kyle - was bumped up to Raider. He has shown us a lot over these last couple weeks. His in-game skill, knowledge and enthusiasm are stellar but what sticks out above all of it is his desire to stay with us. We rode him pretty hard about some personality traits that were unbecoming in his feedback. It showed us a lot for him to acknowledge our concerns, make the effort to change and then continue to push forward with us. That is awesome and I’m glad we were able to hang on to him because he is an excellent player. I think he will prove to be quite the asset in the coming weeks as he continues to build relationships with everyone. 


We downsized the clan from three raid teams to two and ended up removing a couple new guys we either didn’t have confidence in, or didn’t think weren’t going to work out for other reasons. 

Other than that, move along, nothing to see here.

Activity & News Recap 

This week was pretty awesome. Most of us spent our time getting used to the vast amount of changes they introduced in 2.0. The clan spent a lot of time playing the new game modes, Rift and Mayhem in the Crucible. We also finalized a lot of last minute character preparations for the 15th. Altogether, we had a great time. It was a nice change of pace from the last few weeks - especially last month. 

Two more days guys! If you haven’t boarded the hype train by now, there is probably no hope for you!

Weekly Agenda 

What's up? 

Pretty much like last week, we don’t have anything scheduled this week as a clan so we will be flying by the seat of our pants for the most part again. We got some information from you guys to start making fireteams of three on Tuesday at various starting times.

Did you forget what team you’re on? Here ya go:

5:00 AM - Nic / Jeff / John & Hernan / Rob / Blotner

8:00 AM - Mike / Evan & Matt / Chris
2:00 PM - Kyle / CJ
3:00 PM - Chase / Peyton / Josh
4:00 PM - Nate (snatch Josh when you get on Nate)

Most of the groups that form this week outside of these fireteams will be from our LFG Hangout and our PSN Party Chat so don’t be a stranger - if you’re online and want to do something after you hit 40, make sure you hop into the channel and keep an eye on our Hangouts. 

It’s not very often that we get some solid new content to go through so try to enjoy your leveling experience. Please keep in mind though that on Friday, they will be releasing the ‘King’s Fall’ raid at 1:00 PM EST. It’s a pretty big deal for our clan, but it’s also in the middle of a work/school day. Some people may not be able to make it and that’s fine, don’t lose your job over it. We are trying to get a head count to find out who will be able to be on by 1:00 PM EST, so please head over here to let us know. 

That’s it for this Week’s Recap and Agenda. I’ll see you on the other side Guardians!

14th Sep 2015 Kayhas
Also Kayhas finally got his mother fucking Hawkmoon right before the xbox people get a swing at it. /flex /cry /smile.
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