Weekly Recap & Agenda
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Weekly Recap & Agenda 

Weekly Recap


We had six people apply on the clan’s website this week.  Unfortunately, four of them weren’t clan material and one was a doucher who had to be shown the door.  Luckily however, one of them showed us a ton of potential and is featured below…


I’d like to introduce you all to our newest recruit, Ehleyezee (Kyle).  Kyle did well in his initial trial runs with us.  Over the coming days leading up to TTK, we will continue to test his abilities to see if he has what it takes.  If you had a chance to do something with him since he joined, please head over to the Feedback Forums - let us know how he's doing and how he’s adjusting to the clan.

Kyle - Welcome to 10 PM Bedtime!


None of our recruits made member this week.  However, we will be creating a new rank to replace ‘Veteran’ this week and promoting a couple exceptional members we believe can help us take the reins.  More on that in the next Weekly Recap & Agenda.


This is a new edition to the Recap but I think it’s a good one to keep everyone in the loop.  Rob (robhaber) decided to end his trial and step down to Member for personal reasons.  It’s no big deal, he’s still a part of the clan and a bro - he just won’t be on as much.  Try to keep him involved with everything when he does have the chance to play.

Activity & News Recap

There wasn’t much that happened this week.  Reset day was just another reset day.  Everyone got what they needed accomplished.  We did a bunch of HM Crota’s End and Vaults done for last minute material preparations.  Wednesday, we didn’t have enough people sign up for the Prison of Elders race but it was fine because we needed to trial Andre anyway.  On Thursday, a few of us helped Evan try to get his ‘Glass Minuet’ off of Normal Atheon.  He didn’t get it, but Chris finally got his Chatterwhite shader he’s been after for a while.  I’m sure a few of us will be back in there this week trying to get Evan his ship again.

We also tried to help Matt (Beechy) figure out a way to make raid on the 18th.

The leading solutions were:

1.  Fake his own death  (great idea)
2.  Build a time machine  (not sure about this)
3.  Put wife into a sex coma  (always a good choice)
4.  Elaborate scavenger hunt  (inspired by Peter Griffin)
5.  Communicate more effectively  (that’s just silly talk)

Weekly Agenda

What's up?

We don’t have anything scheduled this week as a clan so we will be flying by the seat of our pants for the most part.  Most of the groups that form this week will be from our LFG Hangout and our PSN Party Chat so don’t be a stranger - if you’re online and want to do something, make sure you hop into the channel and keep an eye on our Hangouts.  If you need the week to farm reputation with your loved ones before the 15th, please let us know in the Absences Forum. 

After edging reputations and grinding materials for a couple weeks straight, we're all pretty burnt out.  This week’s launch of patch 2.0 on Tuesday will be a very welcome change.  There are a ton of alterations coming to the game and if you need a breakdown of what’s happening on the 8th, you can reference this week’s Weekly Update from Bungie.  The main changes are that there will be no Nightfall’s or Weeklies the week before TTK.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to play with our new subclasses yet but I’m sure a lot of us will want to try the new PvP modes, maps and get a feel for the newest version of Destiny.  On the weapons front, your beloved ARs are finally making a comeback, Hand Cannons should be a bit more tamed, and Shotguns shouldn’t be as annoying in PvP - hopefully.

The last thing I want to cover before wrapping this up is just to say that I’m proud to see this clan finally become more than just an idea.  10 PM Bedtime started off as a joke between six friends back in the middle of winter.  Since TTK was announced a couple months ago, we realized we wanted more for our clan.  Since we began recruiting a little over a month ago, we have become a beacon of light for not only a lot of great players, but great people.  Thank you all!

I speak for both Evan and myself when I say, we’re honored to lead you all on this new voyage called ‘The Taken King’ - we can’t wait to board the Dreadnaught with you and annihilate everything Bungie throws at us!

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