Clan Weekly Recap [24-30 August]
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Clan Weekly Recap [24-30 August]


First and foremost, I want to introduce you to our newest recruits, Gargonite (Brandon) and CJBulldogs (CJ)! If you get a chance to roll with them this week, please give them some honest feedback and let us know how they’re adjusting to the clan. I especially have high hopes for CJ. During his first run in the clan with Beechy and I, we were able to shatter Evan’s Skolas timed run challenge. Now, I challenge the rest of you. Think you have what it takes to beat 41:57?! 

Edit: Just ran with Matt and Chase last night, new time to beat is 35:03!


Next up, we have our latest promotions from Recruit to Member. For two of them, it’s been a while since joining the clan, but we couldn’t be happier to announce that Hernanmejiag, Poopthetird and MightyMork are finally done with their trials! 

A little backstory on them if you don’t already know - Hernan was held back even though he joined with the majority of you when he went home on vacation for a couple weeks. We hardly had any time with him before he left so we wanted to make sure he was a good fit. Since he’s been back, he’s made it a point to prove himself to us and I applaud your efforts. Josh had a few rough patches and some rough feedback over his first couple weeks, but ended up proving his resolve and dedication to the clan by sticking out his trial. Good on you dude, I think a lot of other people would have just moved on. Darnell had a couple rough patches as well, but just like Josh, he proved he has what it takes and wants to be here as much as the rest of us.

These are just a few of our latest recruits and promotions. We are getting a lot of views over on our reddit recruitment thread and have a steady stream of potential recruits lining up on our front door every day. Head over and encourage more of the 1%ers to come out of the wood work and join our ranks!

Welcome, and congratulations to all of you!!

Clan Activity & News Recap

Tuesday was the regular, run of the mill reset day and everyone that was on was able to get what they needed done. Reset day is always boring so there’s not much else to say about that. However, Wednesday was pretty damn exciting! We held our first ever PoE Race and with the six of us that signed up, you can ask any of them and I think they’d all agree - WE HAD A BLAST! So much in fact that we are rescheduling it again this Wednesday (2 Sept) to hopefully get another team or two involved. Even if you’re burned out on running Skolas, I promise you’ll have fun! Head over to the Events Calendar and let us know who will be attending!

Bungie also treated us to another Twitch Reveal of their new strike on the Dreadnaught, “Shield Brothers.” While the stream was rather lackluster and unfulfilling for most of us, I think it’s great to have these reveals each week to keep us motivated as a clan. The General Chat Hangout lit up every time something awesome happened and helped revitalize everyone’s hype for TTK. If you still haven’t had a chance to see it, here is a  link.

Wednesday and Thursday also produced a little bit of confusion throughout the clan about what we expect from our members. You are not alone in that feeling of burnout and yearning to get into all the new TTK content, but I think we’re all on the same page now after the Clan Announcement.The following members have yet to acknowledge the announcement by reading and replying to the thread; Utastedarainbo, Gargonite and CJBulldogs. Please get it done ASAP guys!

In other news, we learned a bit more information about our Y1 exotics. The bottom line is - don’t delete any of your exotics! All Y1 exotics will eventually be reworked and implemented into Y2 (or 3) at some point. Also, we were told by Luke Smith that “It’s not just going to be Normal and Hard mode” for the new raid. What could this mean for us? New modifiers? Timed modes? That has to be one of the most excitingly cryptic things we’ve heard in a while. All of this and more can be found over  here.

Planet Destiny was nice enough to show us the latest talent trees for two of the new subclasses in TTK. The Nightstalker's tree was heavily reworked to make it feel more like you were playing a Hunter instead of a Titan. If you were hoping to use your Shadowshot tether to reduce incoming and increase outgoing damage with ‘Gloamranger’ like I was, Bungie decided to refocus the class’s role. That’s the biggest change but there were quite a bit of other ones that all of you Hunters will want to brush up on. The Sunbreaker's talents were hardly touched other than some renamed abilities, so don’t worry if you main a Titan. All of you Hammer Bros will still be as bad ass as you were in the E3 showcase build!

That’s it for this Weekly Recap, let me know what you thought. Good to have? Meh? If there’s anything you’d like to see in the next one, please post below! 

30th Aug 2015 bobafett760
Nice little recap and a good place to point people to important stuff as well as recognize some accomplishments. Thanks for putting it together.
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