Game Informer TTK New Video
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So, in case you haven't seen this yet...

Did you notice anything strange in that video? 

Anything at all?? 

I DID!!! 

These screen captures are from the video above.

How about now? Good on you if you noticed it too. For those of you who have too much A.D.D. and are looking at all the shiny explosions and electricity, here ya go.

I don't know about you, but that heavy weapon doesn't look like anything we usually have equipped in that slot.

Is it a sword? That's my best guess. Maybe an artifact? What do you guys think?! 


4th Aug 2015 Kayhas
First picture. Fate of all Fools Hype!!
4th Aug 2015 Terminalfury - Mike
i see a narrow handle, a hilt and what looks like a blade that curves at the tip. cant be a sniper if both primary and secondary weapon slots are taken up.
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