Forsaken Raid Expectations
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To date Destiny 2 has been anything but a real sequel but  that has all changed with Forsaken. Given the content until now it is  understandable that all of us have been pretty casual about raiding and the  game in general – and that is perfectly fine. Forsaken is a game changer for a  lot of us and has rekindled the fire that brought most if not all of us  together in the first place – desire to raid. Only a handful of us are ready  for the new raid and those of us that are, are still under leveled for the later  portions of the raid. That has not deterred us from wanting to jump into it and  see the content and push forward. While no expectations have been set for  raiding thus far – clan leadership has determined it is now appropriate to do  so.

For those that want to raid, it is time to kick the tires  and brush the dust off. Hernan and I will be leading the initial charge into  the raid along with Kaz and Steve. Beechy is close behind for the 5th  spot and the 6th is up in the air. We are setting the expectation  that to get into the raid you must be at least 541 light level. This puts you  into the 541-545 power bracket since brackets go 1-5 and 6-0. We are also going  to explore recruiting and additional person or two for gambit and raid purposes.  Obviously if we do recruit anyone they will have met our standard and ensure  they fit in with the rest of us on the island of misfit toys.

Moving forward, if you want to raid, you need to sign up for it utilizing the  website – this isn’t new to anyone. If you want to be on the team you must have  the gear to do so. Sleeper w/ and ikelos SG / sniper load out is a must from  what we have seen. Minimum light level 536 and priority will be given to those  that are higher. We are going into the raid on Thursday, you know what you need  to do if you want in.

Whether we wanted to or not we’ve stepped into a war with  the taken in the dreaming city. Let’s get back to doing what we do best and  slaying some aliens.

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