)Raid / OP quest
9:00 PM Fri 30th Sep 2016 - 00:00 AM Sat 1st Oct 2016(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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This is for the Raid / OP quest:

What to prep ahead of time to save time:
Have a siva offering on the character you will be running and one in the bank to xfer (doesn't matter what level)
(If you can and this will save a lot of time as a group) get a check point for the second phase of the first boss fight we will need 4 of these with the 4th being a backup in case one doesn't work. 

Once the raid is done we will split into the two fire teams and immediately go into the quest.
This chain is long and the last stage is going back into the raid and getting three boss kills. The first boss second phase we figured is the easiest so getting those checkpoints ahead of time once the two fire teams come back together will save a lot of time. 

Titan 1 - Evan
Titan 2 - Steve
Hunter 1 - CJ
Hunter 2 - Matthew
Warlock 1 - Ben
Warlock 2 - Hernan

Post Raid Groups:
Group 1:
Titan - Evan
Hunter - CJ
Warlock - Hernan

Group 2:
Titan - Steve
Hunter - Matthew
Warlock - Ben

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30th Sep 2016
I can go as any of the three classes, although my Warlock is the lowest at 370. I have 1 Siva Offering atm and 2nd phase Aksis check point on all 3 classes if that helps anything.
30th Sep 2016
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