HM King's Fall
8:00 PM Wed 11th Nov 2015 - 00:00 AM Thu 12th Nov 2015(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Mike - T
Evan - T
Ian - T
Beechy - H
Randy - H
Caboose - W

Mendez - T
Caboose - T
Beechy - T
Mark - H
Hazy - H
Jeramie - H

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11th Nov 2015
Girlfriend is sick and having a really bad migraine. Might have to bring her to the ER at some point so don't wanna join up if I have to leave mid raid.
11th Nov 2015
i won't be able to attend tonight.
10th Nov 2015
I regret to inform the clan I must formally withdraw from our 11/11 raid. I've drawn wife aggro for playing too much Destiny lately and I have no choice but to de-escalate the situation. Thank you for your understanding and good luck!
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