Reset & Raid Night
8:00 PM Tue 29th Sep 2015 - 00:00 AM Tue 29th Sep 2015(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Group 1 7:00
Mike - T
Evan - T
Blue - H
Ian - H
Jeramie - W
Mendez - W

Group 1 8:00
Evan - T
Blue - T
Mendez - H
Mike - H
Ian - W
Jeramie - W

Group 2 7:00
Randy - T
CJ - T
Beechy - H
Caboose - H
Mark - W
Kenja - W

Group 2 8:00
CJ - T
Mark - T
Beechy - H
Kenja - H
Hazy - W
Randy - W
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29th Sep 2015
As my taking a break post stated, due to moving, i wont be on till wed next week.
28th Sep 2015
I honestly don't know what will happen with me this week. I have a few follow up appointments, starting physical therapy, and I begin work again. I'm going to put down as no for now, but as you can tell from my thread I will keep you guys updated. Apologies for any inconvience, I just don't want to put yes or even maybe and have you guys count on me.
28th Sep 2015
My work schedule flipped so I can't make it until around 8 this Tuesday and Wednesday
28th Sep 2015
If there's room for me I'd love to pop into one of these
28th Sep 2015
I'll be late, so I am in as backup
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