[GUIDE] King’s Fall - Opening the Portal
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King’s Fall - Opening the Portal

Subclass Requirements


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1.  Middle - 
If you are assigned to the middle group, you stay where you spawned in at the Court of Oryx.  Each time a relic is picked up, a white door barrier will spawn blocking the statues, you can one shot it with a shotgun to break through to finish off the Taken mobs.  Once all of the mobs are killed, you can also help get the two side door barriers down and help kill any Taken mobs that have spawned.

2.  Left & Right - 
Your group’s job is to retrieve the relics on your respective sides and bring them back to slam them in the indicated statue by pressing ‘Square.’  When returning the relics to the statue, they need to be slammed within five seconds of the other one or it will not count.  Rinse and repeat this process six times to open the portal.

Clan Strategy

The raid leaders will split the raid into three groups of two.  Each group will be assigned either to the "left, middle or right."  The way we do this is to alternate carrying duty between the two people that go to each side.  So ideally, as soon as your runner is close to slamming their relic, you’re already on your way to run for the next one to grab. 

Relic Runner - If you’re carrying, just run past the Taken mobs that spawn and get back to the statue as fast as possible. Your partner should be clearing the way for you.

Guarding Runner - If you’re not carrying, your first priority is to get the white door barriers down for your runner. Kill any Taken mobs that get in your Runner's way. While you're waiting for them to slam the relic, clean up any Taken mobs that are still alive and head back to grab the next relic that will be spawning.  (Note: There is no need to go out near the bridges where the Taken Centurions spawn. You're just asking to get knocked off. If you want to kill them for your Runner, kill them from inside.)

Rinse and repeat six times to open the portal at the Court of Oryx.  Run through and collect your loot on the other side!

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