[GUIDE] King's Fall - Basilica Door Puzzle
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King’s Fall - Basilica Door Puzzle

Subclass Requirements


  • Defender with Blessing of Light and Gift of the Void.
  • Doesn't matter.
  • Doesn't matter.


1.  There are three plates in this part: left, center and right.

2.  The left and right plates activate totems and are in rooms separate from the main area.  These rooms are full of poisonous gas that slowly deplete your health.

3.  At the entrance to each side-room is an orb.  Picking this up creates a bubble which protects everyone inside it from the poisonous gas.  You can tell when you’re standing in the bubble because you’ll see "Aura of the Unraveler" on the bottem left of your HUD.  Whoever’s holding the aura will see a countdown from 30 seconds called “Brand of the Unraveler.”  When this reaches zero, they will receive “Deathsinger’s Power x10.”

4.  Whoever has “Deathsinger’s Power x10” runs to the central plate to deliver it.  When you’re standing on the center plate, you’ll see the “Deathsinger’s Power” decrease from ten to zero.  Do not leave the plate until the “Deathsinger’s Power” has been completely delivered and the marker has disappeared from your HUD.  Once it’s gone, call out “leaving” and return to whichever plate you were designated at the start.  When you arrive back at your totem, make sure to be within a couple feet of the person with the bubble so you link back up with them.

5.  The players on each side who now have the Deathsinger’s Power leave and run toward the center.  If you’ve got this right, the people leaving the central plate and those running towards it should pass by each other about 10-20 yards from each totem.  Every time someone delivers the Deathsinger’s Power to the central plate, a symbol will light on the corresponding side of the door you’re trying to open.  Each side needs to deliver the Deathsinger’s Power ten times to open the door.

6.  Every time someone new receives the Deathsinger’s Power, a Boomer Knight will come through the door above the left and right plates.  He needs to be killed as soon as possible.

Clan Strategy

The raid leaders will split the raid into two groups of three.  When we are about to begin the encounter, you will throw a grenade into the adds in front of the door.  
One Defender Titan with their Ward of Dawn (Blessing of Light) ready to go will pick up the bubble first and each team of three will run to their respective totems.


After reaching your totem, kill adds until whoever picked up the aura first has the “Deathsinger’s Power x10.”  As soon as they do, they need to run to the center plate and start their delivery.  As noted above, a Boomer Knight will spawn on the upper platform in the left and right rooms each time the “Brand of the Unraveler” counter reaches zero, so take care of it as soon as you can.  A medium or high impact sniper rifle is best for this.

If you are a Defender Titan, you should be dropping your Blessing of Light on the back half of the center plate every time you are there.  Everyone that goes to the central plate needs to be shooting adds as they come through the main door, and especially focusing on Knights with swords.  These won’t attack you on the central plate, but will wander down into the left and right rooms to attack people on the totems.  Even if you only get a few shots on them, it’ll make them easier to kill as they approach the totems.  Also, if you’re at the center plate, make sure you are killing each Wizard that spawns.

If you are not making a delivery to the central plate, you stay with your partner at your totem plate and kill any adds that you can see.  Your main focus will be killing the Boomer Knight on the upper platform as soon as it appears.  Make sure to kill the Knights with swords running to your totem before they get to you, these guys can one-hit you and wipe the raid.  


Once the tenth power has been delivered, you’ll see a message saying, “The Warpriest deems you worthy,” and a chest will appear in the center.  Come collect your loot!

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