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Hard Mode King’s Fall Changes From Normal Mode

Opening the Portal
  • No change from Normal Mode.
Basilica Door Puzzle

  • No change from Normal Mode except for the last few Knights with swords that spawn from the Warpriest’s door will be Majors and need to be killed ASAP.
The Warpriest

Every time a tombstone is consumed by the Oculus, the Warpriest gains a substantial damage boost and new ability.

  • The center tombstone gives him the Taken Goblin ability of shooting waves of three orbs of white light during the next DPS phase.  While DPSing in the next phase, fireteam members need to be refreshing their Blessing of Light every time they take damage.  One burst of these orbs can drop you if you’re at half health.  Taking two bursts without a shield will drop you.  If you see them coming at you, you need to just stay in the bubble until he focuses on someone else.  Your main concern during the DPS phase is staying alive.
  • The left tombstone gives him the Taken Centurion ability of shooting tracking orbs at random people.  While DPSing in the next phase, kill them if you see them.
  • The right tombstone gives him the Taken Captain ability of launching large black waves that blind you during the next DPS phase.  You can simply dodge the large black waves that come at the group.
  • If there are only two Titans, they will use Blessing of Light in case one of them dies so they will not have to swap mid-fight from Weapons of Light.  If there are more than two Titans, at least two of them will use Blessing of Light and the others can use Weapons of Light.
Golgoroth’s Cellar
  • No change from Normal Mode. 

DPS Team
  • One random member of the DPS Team standing in the Pool of Reclaimed Light will get a debuff called “Unstable Light” which begins counting down from seven seconds.  When it reaches zero, you will release an explosion damaging everything around you.  It will not kill you, but it will damage or kill other players standing close you.  You need to call out that you have this debuff, run to the back of the boss at around 2-3 seconds left and stay there until you explode.  If it is possible during this small window, help the Bodyguard kill Cursed Thrall.
  • All members of the DPS Team should have swords equipped for self defense purposes.  Unlike Normal Mode, your Bodyguard can easily get overrun with adds and you may need to get off the boss to help kill adds in your immediate area.
Gaze Controllers

  • If you are a Nightstalker, Shade Step as soon as you see the burst of orbs ejected toward your location.  The orbs will stop tracking to you and you are free to focus on the timer.
  • If you are not a Nightstalker, it is recommended that you use the Zhalo Supercell auto rifle to kill the orbs coming at you.  The Zhalo Supercell is the only gun that will consider each orb as a kill and reload itself so you should not have to reload during this phase.  Bad Juju and No Time To Explain do not work well for this.  If you don't have a Zhalo Supercell, we recommend you use a scout rifle such as Doom of Chelchis or Hung Jury.
  • No change from Normal Mode in which the orbs will be dropped from the ceiling.
  • Golgoroth shoots five orbs at you instead of three.

  • More adds will spawn than on Normal Mode.  Call if you start getting behind on adds so that the other members of the DPS Team swap to help in their immediate area.  If you are close to the DPS team and step in the Pool of Reclaimed Light, it is possible that you may get the “Unstable Light” debuff.  Follow the directions given to the DPS Team above if that happens.  You can outright avoid it completely by just staying away from them.
  • If you refer to the map of Golgoroth's room, the order in which the Cursed Thrall always spawn will be one from the right tunnel, one from the left tunnel, and then three from the back of the room running toward the DPS team.
  • You can stand right where the first Weapons of Light Ward of Dawn is dropped in the front center of the pit to kill the Cursed Thrall. 
  • It is recommended to use the Dark Drinker exotic sword to make quick work of the Taken Thrall at 33%.  Stay close to your DPS Team and focus on killing anything near them.  This is counter intuitive to what was said earlier regarding the "Unstable Light" debuff.  During this phase, if/when you get it, just make sure to call it out and get away from the rest of the fireteam by the time it reaches zero.
How we get from Golgoroth to Daughters

Daughters of Oryx

  • The only change from Normal Mode is the "Hymn of Weaving" debuff that counts down from one minute will begin immediately upon completion of the DPS phase on Ir Anuk (left daughter) after the bright explosion.  Everyone needs to be looking for where the relic is located just in case they get torn.
  • The Daughters also have more health as expected.


  • Depending on where Oryx slams, head to the top of the Daughter’s platform on the opposite side of the room and help kill all the Ogres in the order they spawn. 
  • We recommend that you use Touch of Malice (ToM) for the first Ogre (as Oryx won’t attack you yet) and then alternate between your heavy weapon, sniper rifle and ToM for the remaining three Ogres.
  • Before going down into the Immortality Aura, help kill each Light-Eater Knight that spawns.
  • After the ship has passed the middle, jump down into the aura and help stagger Oryx.
  • While the others are detonating their orbs, keep shooting Oryx to keep his chest open while the bombs explode.  If you don't do this, his chest will close and he will not take any damage from the explosions.

Platform Duty
  • If your platform is underneath the Relic’s location, you don't need to jump onto your platform.  Instead, you will be an additional floater who goes up on top of the Daughters's platform where the main floater will be.  If this is the case, you should be helping kill every Ogre that spawns.
  • After your Ogre dies, additional Light-Eater Knights with swords will spawn on the opposite platform’s outside corner for each platform.  You will kill these so they don’t destroy the bomb the Ogre left behind.  Two head shots with a medium or high impact sniper rifle will kill these.  If you are floating with the main Floater, stay up on top of the Daughter's platform and kill your Light-Eater Knight before jumping down into the immortality aura to stagger Oryx.  (Note: Be careful not to jump down while the ship is passing through the middle.)

Relic Runner
  • You should have a Raze Lighter equipped because you will be soloing the Vessel of Light that you steal the Aura of Immortality from.  At 310+ Light, it should take you two R2s and a couple R1s to kill him.  If you do not have a Raze Lighter, come to the middle with the aura and have people help you kill it.
  • While standing in the middle with the aura and before everyone has to stagger Oryx, help kill as many mobs as you can.  Make it a point to kill any Eyes that the Taken Acolytes may spawn.
  • Make sure to stay in the middle while people are running back from their orbs and make any adjustments to the aura’s placement as needed when called out by the Raid Leaders.

Oryx Challenge Mode

This will continue to be updated as we find more nuances with the raid that we need to make everyone aware of.

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