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King’s Fall - Golgoroth

Subclass Requirements

  • DPS Team or Gaze Duty - Defender with Bastion/Illuminated Weapons of Light.  
  • Bodyguard - Same Defender setup as above unless there's more than two Titan's, otherwise go Sunbreaker with Melting Point.
  • DPS Team or Gaze Duty - Sunsinger with Fireborn.  
  • Bodyguard - Stay Sunsinger with Fireborn until 50%, then swap to Stormcaller and charge your super as fast as possible (picking up orbs) to deal with the waves of Taken at 33%.
  • DPS Team or Bodyguard - Nightstalker with Blood Bound to Shadowshot Golgoroth and any Thrall that need to be controlled.  Call out before you Shadowshot the boss.
  • Gaze Duty - Nightstalker with Shade Step.


1.  After six deaths, all fireteam members are blinded and the raid will wipe.

2.  The orbs in the ceiling drop a Pool of Reclaimed Light that buffs damage against the boss by 10x.

3.  Shooting his critical spot on his back focuses his gaze on you for 17 seconds and he ignores everyone else.  Failing to obtain his gaze spawns more adds.

Clan Strategy

The raid leaders will separate the raid into three groups.  The first group is called the “Gaze Control” group and will consist of two players.  The second group is called the “DPS team” and will consist of three players.  One final player is in their own group and plays “Bodyguard” for the DPS team.

Start the encounter by destroying the orb in the center of the ceiling.  


When the boss spawns, begin killing all of the adds that spawn near the back of the room.  Be careful not to kill Adept Acolytes near normal Acolytes.  After all of the adds are dead, six orbs on the ceiling will spawn and the Gaze Control Team will call for the DPS Team to “drop the first orb.”  This simply means to destroy the first orb and drop it's Pool of Reclaimed Light.


Gaze Control Team

One Controller will be on the left side of the room and the other one will be on the right.  The person in charge of the left side will take his gaze first.  If he is facing left when you are about to begin, the person in charge of the right side needs to shoot at Golgoroth’s legs/feet/body to turn him around so that left can shoot his critical spot on his back.  As soon as left can see the big yellow critical spot on his back, they need to call for everyone to “drop the first orb."  When you hear the first orb dropped, shoot his critical spot on his back with a sniper rifle.  This will grab his attention for the next 17 seconds.  You will need to line him up with the Pool of Reclaimed Light that was just dropped from the ceiling.  

Keep yourself in line of sight of the white open area on his stomach because he will bombard you with pulses of three damage dealing orbs.  These are very easy to kill but if they have to curve around a pillar, it may be hard to find them in time to kill before they get to you.  While killing these orbs, whoever is controlling the boss needs to give a timer countdown beginning at 10 seconds.  The other Gaze Controller needs to shoot his critical spot on his back at 1-2 seconds left on the countdown.

The ideal class to be on Gaze Control is a Nightstalker Hunter with Shade Step.  Shade Stepping the orbs he shoots will cause them to stop tracking you.  If you are not a Nightstalker Hunter, it is recommended that you use a Zhalo Supercell to kill these orbs.

Shown below are the approximate positions the Gaze Controllers should use.


When the DPS Team is on the sixth orb, the Controller who has his gaze needs to give a countdown for the DPS Team to get out of the pit so that Golgoroth does not kill them when gaze is lost.  When the Controllers are unable to continue holding his gaze, adds begin to spawn just like the beginning of the fight.  Clear them out and repeat.

DPS Team

You will knock down the orbs on the ceiling in a zig-zag fashion, left to right, front to back (see picture below.)  The DPS Team will be in the pit standing in the orb’s Pool of Reclaimed Light they just shot down and shooting the boss, moving from pool to pool.  All three members of the DPS team should be aiming at his stomach and trying to do as much damage as they can.  
Sniper rifles such as Black Spindle work best and do the most DPS to the boss.  If you run out of sniper ammo while DPSing, simply swap to your primary weapon to continue doing as much damage as you can.  When the Controllers call five seconds left, the DPS Team needs to swap to the next orb in line on the ceiling. 


After the first orb in the ceiling is destroyed, and shortly before the second one is destroyed, Cursed Thrall will begin to spawn in the pit.  They will spawn from the underground rooms in the corners of the pit beginning from the right, then left and finally the tunnel in the very back of the room.  It's critical that the Thrall are kept away from the three players on the DPS Team.  One getting too close can easily cause a wipe.  It is your job to make sure nothing reaches them.  

You can help DPS the boss during the first and last Pool of Reclaimed Light.

All Defender Titans

The first Weapons of Light bubble will be placed in the front center, then on the left side of the pit near the wall.  If another is available, place it on right side.

The orbs are dropped from the ceiling in the same order every time.  We go from left to right, front to back as represented by the picture below.


At 33% health, the boss will begin to continuously spawn Taken Thrall throughout the room and the Bodyguard’s job becomes increasingly difficult.  (Note: Only Taken Thrall spawn during this phase.  Use a Sword to make quick work of them.)


Hopefully, after a couple rounds of DPS on him, he gives you some shiny new loot!
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