[GUIDE] King's Fall - Daughters of Oryx
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King’s Fall - Daughters of Oryx

Subclass Requirements


  • Defender with Bastion/Illuminated Weapons of Light and Increased Control.
  • Sunsinger with Fireborn and Focused Burst.
  • Nightstalker to Shadowshot the bosses with Triple Jump.


1.  The Platforms - There are four platforms to stand on, and our clan labels them from left to right, front to back 1-4.  When stood on, they summon steps that only the dimension torn player can step on.  Stepping off any one of them before the torn player reaches the relic will destroy all of the steps.  The order they are stepped on is critical to the way the steps are spawned.

2.  The Relic - Randomly positioned above one of the four platforms in the room.  Breaks one of the Deathsinger's shields when used (hold Square next to daughter.)  Grants “Aura of Immortality” to the player who broke the Deathsinger's shield that blocks all damage to everyone inside.  This is how you survive the “Hymn of Weaving” debuff.

3.  Torn Between Dimensions - One player will be randomly chosen to be torn between dimensions.  Only this player can jump on the steps summoned by the platforms.  Only this player can grab the relic and remove the Deathsinger's shield to gain the “Aura of Immortality.”  Every phase, this player will be randomly selected.  Everyone must know how to fulfill this role.

4.  The Deathsinger's - You must start with the Deathsinger on the left first.  If you are unable to kill the Deathsinger on the left in one round, do not try to attack the same Deathsinger twice in a row.  Always alternate between the two.  If the left Deathsinger dies, the right one must be killed in the next phase or the raid will wipe.  The safest strategy is to kill the left Deathsinger first, then kill the right.

Clan Strategy

The raid leaders will assign four members to each of the four platforms.  The two people remaining will be assigned to either killing adds or being a “Floater.” The Floater’s job is to augment anyone of the four players assigned to a platform if they are torn between dimensions, kill adds and replace anyone that dies.  The person assigned to add duty will simply kill anything that spawns until the daughter’s shield is removed.

After a few seconds of being in this room, one player will become dimension torn.  This player is responsible for jumping from step to step to grabbing sparks to use to take the Deathsinger's shield. 

Locate the relic in the sky and see which platform it is above.  Look one platform counterclockwise and that is the platform that needs to be stood on first.  After that platform has been stepped on, continue stepping on platforms in a counterclockwise fashion until three are activated.  Nobody can leave their platform until the dimension torn player has the relic or the steps will disappear.


The player assigned to add duty will need to clear the adds that spawn in the middle of the room.


Dimension Torn Player

The dimension torn player should be at the first platform (the one counterclockwise of the one the relic is above) ready to jump up with the player on that platform.  Once the steps start to appear, the dimension torn player can begin to jump from step to step collecting sparks until they reach the relic.

Raider leaders will call out “snipers” at 45 seconds on the “Hymn of Weaving.”  There is a sniper located off the side of the ship directly out from each platform during this phase.  It's critical they die as soon as possible.  They are capable of two-shotting the dimension torn player which will cause a wipe.  They have very little health and are taken down easily.  


Once the dimension torn player grabs the relic, they should call “last” and everyone should run to platform three and hide behind it.  If a Defender Titan has a Ward of Dawn with Weapons of Light available, they should drop it near the back of platform three for extra DPS.  The dimension torn player will then steal the left Deathsinger’s “Aura of Immortality,” and run back to the rest of the raid behind platform three.  Once everyone is inside the “Aura of Immortality,” begin damaging the daughter with no shield.  We kill the left, then the right since we have the DPS.  Normally, you would swap back and forth between them a couple times.


Rinse and repeat the processes above to kill the other daughter.  After each phase is complete, another player will be randomly chosen to be dimension torn.  If the player was previously on a platform, it's their responsibility to call out which platform they were on so the Floater can augment them.  If anyone dies, it's the job of the Floater to fill that person’s role.



After both daughters are dead, your loot will be waiting for you in a treasure chest below the boss's platforms!
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