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(New) Trial Period

After being accepted as a new Recruit, you're probably wondering, now what?  The first thing that happens is you get a feedback thread which you can find HERE.  When you run something with a clan mate, they will post their honest opinions about how you did and any concerns they have with you.  Use this as a tool to improve your game play throughout your trial.  Your trial period will begin on the first Tuesday after you join.  At the end of your three weeks, the leadership will vote to either promote you to 'Rookie Raider' or go our separate ways.  This determination will happen on your third Thursday.

Your trial period will include a great deal of activity with your Admins and Officers.  During your trial, you are expected to be on pretty often so we can get as much play time with you as possible to make a precise assessment.  We expect to see all recruits actively engaging themselves with other members of the clan and helping anyone that needs help with something in game.  If we only see you on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for raid, it’s not going to work out.  We will use the weekly Nightfalls, King’s Fall raid and anything else you do with the clan as our benchmarks to determine if we want to hold on to you or not.  

(Old) Trial Period

The trial process in 10 PM Bedtime has been an evolving thing since the clan started recruiting for TTK.  The length used to be ‘no less than one week’ and often, we had people going three weeks or longer as recruits.

The best test we had for people was having them two manning level 35 PoE.  It gave us a very good idea of who the person was while stressed out, how they handled that stress and how they would overcome being a man down.  Flaws in their playstyle or any personality clashes were immediately identifiable.  35 PoE is irrelevant now so we don’t have that luxury anymore and that is why we have you two manning and sometimes soloing Nightfalls.
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