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Raiding Philosophy in 10 PM Bedtime

If you have ever raided in World of Warcraft or a similar MMO, there was probably one or two ‘Raid Leaders’ in the group.  These were the individuals that made all the callouts to ensure each encounter went off without a hitch.  We have carried this approach to raiding with us into Destiny.  While in raid, you will keep the party’s cross talk to a minimum at all times so that we have clear lines of communication between the Raid Leaders and the rest of the group.  If you are not a Raid Leader, you will not make callouts unless they are of vital importance.  

An example of a vital callout would be if you are playing a Defender Titan, and you were about to place a bubble.  We don’t need two bubbles used at the same time by accident, so it’s important to call out.  Or, who knows, maybe we will.  Another example would be if you died and your specific role during the encounter needed to be augmented while you tanked the ground.  We don’t need to know why you died, we just need to fill that hole.  Simply put, we don’t care how impressed you are with your streak of headshots or how cool your chain lightning looks while killing a giant group of mobs - those types of comments don’t help us kill bosses easier.  However, when the content is on farm status and the group is comfortable enough to make minimal callouts, the atmosphere will relax a bit.
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