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10 PM Bedtime's Raiding Schedule

Tuesday/Wednesday, 7:00-10:00 PM EST
  • Possible Alt/Cleanup Raid on Mondays for anyone who may have missed out earlier in the week.
  • If you can't make these days at the scheduled times each week, it's not going to work out.
  • Thursday through Monday is whoever is on and whatever people want to do.
  • During progression, we often start before 7 PM and go later than 10 PM.


Keep being a 1%er
  • You are here because we see value not only in your ability to play Destiny, but also in you as a person.
Don't get cocky
  • No one likes an elitist, except for them self.  You could be the best player in the world, we don’t care.  Everyone in the clan is a solid player and there is no huge gap in skill level so treat your peers with dignity and respect.
Show up on time
  • You are in a small clan and we are relying on each other to raid.  If you sign up, show up on time and ready to roll.  If you are going to be absent, post it on the forums - NOT IN THE HANGOUTS!
Help each other out
  • This should be a no brain-er, but if a member needs help with something and you're not busy, give them a hand.  You should have everyone in the clan on your friends list.
Utilize our website
  • Ideally, we would appreciate if you stopped by every day or two to stay in the loop.  The site is updated daily regarding all clan information, absences, upcoming events, news and strategies.

Please don't...

  • Limit cheesing to farm-able content such as strikes and year one raids.  Hacking, manipulating your network activity or getting banned by Bungie for any reason.
Being anti-social
  • No one will miss you if you're never around anyway, right?  Don't join a clan unless you plan on participating in it.
No showing
  • Nothing grinds our gears more than someone being late or no-showing without giving us a heads up, you will be replaced.  A forum post is required.  
Complete absence
  • You get four weeks before we remove you if you completely fall off our radar.  Let us know if you're going to miss a week or two for any reason by posting it on the Absences Forum.
Being an asshole
  • Here's the deal, if you feel like anyone is legitimately mistreating you or being an ignorant dick, let an Admin know.  We will take care of them.
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Forum » Information » Clan Information Locked
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