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First and foremost, welcome to 10 PM Bedtime!  The first thing you should know about us is that when you join, you're recruited to fill a specific spot, and the second we think you're not performing up to expectations, we'll start looking for alternatives.  We may try working through your problems if we deem you salvageable.  Thus it is in your best interest to make a positive impact on everyone in the clan that you can, particularly your peers and Admins.

Ask questions
- For the most part, if you're joining us, you're either moving up or laterally in terms of clan seriousness, focus and quality.  The most important thing for you to realize early on is that we're big advocates of tuning our approach to everything from guild management to tactics in a fight around what works for us.  Many other clans may do things different ways.  We do things our way.  As a member of our clan, you are expected to understand the hows and whys of why we do-what-we-do.  This ranges from everything from public forum behavior to how our strategy on a fight differs from your old clan.  People in the clan are more than happy to fill you in, but you have to take the initiative and find out.

Don't try to reinvent the clan
- The leadership and longtime members of this clan have killed every single fight this game has had to offer, in pre and post-nerf states.  You may be talented and experienced in your own right, but we know how to run this ship.

Make Friends
- If we take you into the clan, at some level that is an investment by us into you, and you should return the favor by investing in your teammates in the clan.  Get to know the people around you.  Make them your partners.  Do some raids with them on the side.  Do the Nightfalls together.  Do your bounties with each other.  It'll make you feel like a bigger part of what we do and you'll gain their confidence in the process.  The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself except during raid hours from the rest of the clan.  That's a sure ticket to alienating people after your first fuck-up (and fuck-ups WILL happen).

Don't make mistakes often, and don't make the same mistake twice
- While we are understanding of people making errors, we do expect you try to think outside of the box and ahead of the situation, and avoid getting killed or harming the fireteam.  If you understand the basics of pretty much any fight in this game, it is rather difficult to screw up in such a way that you can honestly claim "I didn't know that can happen."  It is your responsibility to educate yourself about every fight that we do.  If you happen to make a critical error, just don't make it again.  I've been in that situation before myself and it fucking sucked.

Never be unprepared for a raid
- Research the fights we're doing, and ASK YOUR PEERS how we do them.  They'll usually be more than happy to assist you.  Right now, our forum threads do not contain comprehensive strategies for the fights we do, because we do most of our strategy development now during raid.  The only way to truly get an understanding of what we do is to talk to a member who has done the fight.

We know you don't know everything, so don't pretend you do
- Do not come set in your ways.  Come ready to adapt, to learn and to change how you've been doing things.  It is usually the non-obvious things that can improve a player's performance (after all, we all press the same buttons to play, right?)  We've had totally mediocre recruits blossom to amazing, essential members, because they engaged their peers and found out a better way of doing things.

You have to like Destiny, and like it a lot
- What we don't want are raiders who are so disgruntled about the state of this game that they mouth off about it all the time.  It is far from perfect, but it is as good as it's going to be at the moment.  The majority of the membership of this clan raids well above the 6-8 hours a week of raids we do - almost everyone does daily activities, PVP and raids on the weekend.  You should get involved with them all.  You'll gain the confidence of the clan.

Don't be absent or late during your trial
- We get that emergencies happen but just try to keep a high attendance during your membership with us.  'Nuff Said.
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