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3rd Feb 2016

Signing up for raid is changing a little bit...

Remember how we asked you all to stay flexible because this clan’s policies are not set in stone?  This will be a perfect example for anyone who is new to the clan and old news for everyone else.  For the next few bits of this announcement, put yourself in the shiny shoes of your leadership while reading and it should make perfect sense.  

Creating the raid schedule each week is, believe it or not, a pretty complex job for whoever gets tasked with it.  Making two teams of six to seven players alternating between their three raid ready characters while keeping each run balanced in terms of class composition and skill level is quite an undertaking.  Add to this an ever changing roster of active players with different classes, random recruits joining every couple weeks, you can begin to see where our frustration stems from.  Needless to say, if you forget to sign up until Tuesday afternoon, it throws a wrench in the whole process.  In a perfect world, we would just have fixed teams every week.  

But, we don’t.  So, beginning the raid week of December 22/23 and from this week forward, even if you aren’t sure if you’ll be raiding with us, you need to be signed up on the corresponding calendar events by 11:59 AM EST each Monday before raid.  If you can for sure make it, great!  If not, click “Not Attending.”  If you aren’t sure by Monday if you’re going to be busy over the next couple days, click “Maybe!”  The point is, if you are not signed up by this cutoff, you will not be raiding with us during that week.  This gives the leadership a solid day to build the schedule and relieve a bit of the stress that goes along with creating it.

Everyone in the clan is pretty responsible and easy going so this shouldn’t be a problem to implement.  However, if anyone misses the sign up cutoff more than once, we will be speaking with you about your future in the clan.  Everyone currently at the rank of Recruit and Raider needs to respond to this announcement in the comments below acknowledging the change.  If there are any questions about this, please let us know.
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Forum » Information » Clan Information Locked
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