Variable Weekly Raid?
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Are you into this idea?

Hell yeah!
Possibly but I'd want to know more first.
Rob you're an idiot -- of course I have no interest in this.

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2nd Feb 2016

Hey all. Blessed by the Clan Leadership, I'm considering creating a variable raid for members who can't make a given Tues / Weds -- sort of a cross between a floating Makeup Raid and a Casuals' Raid. My reasoning is that I'm a "casual" specifically because my schedule is too unpredictable to commit to Tues/Weds each week, and I'd guess I'm not alone. 

Under this system, I'd send out a poll to the clan each week and members could then cast votes for their available off nights. I'd collate responses and figure out when we can find time that the most people are available. 

It's important to note that these wouldn't be "sanctioned" raids, so the Leadership wouldn't be present, and wouldn't be responsible if, for example, Beechy is one of the people who shows up, and he acts like a dick (as he does). 

What do you guys think? Let me know if you'd be interested in this system. If so, I'll pilot it this week.  
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2nd Feb 2016

I'm usually available for the regular raids, but it would be nice to have a backup in case something makes me miss the raids. Good idea Rob
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3rd Feb 2016

Yea I would like to join also. I have a hunter just ready for HM (haven't done gaze duty since normal mode) so it would be a good environment to get used to it.
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3rd Feb 2016

Also a great point from Jeramie -- good opportunity to play around with roles people aren't used to, etc.
Just now
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3rd Feb 2016

While you are not an idiot I really don't have interest in doing this as I already get all of my runs in during our regular raids and the soon to be wifey knows those days are my raid days. That being said - should you guys be looking to raid via this and I am on and assistance is required, I am more than happy to help.
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