Tips to get to 290+ Light Level
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17th Sep 2015

A few tips to get as much light before tomorrow's Raid release as possible.

  1. Quests give a lot of great rewards, including legendaries and marks. Keep after those quests, you'll get given great gear for just doing content.
  2. Don't be afraid to keep blue items. They may not have as good of perks, and don't have the stat boosts or boost perks that legendaries have, but don't shy away from them. Light is the most important thing this week. Get yourself up there.
  3. Regardless of what gear you typically use, MAKE SURE you're equipping your highest light gear possible when turning in engrams or completing quests. Ratings on the gear you receive (from engrams for sure, quests I'm not certain) is based on your current light level. Sure, you're going to get junk too, but every so often you get a gem. I've seen blue gear as high as 300.
  4. Early on, if you find a blue that has higher light than the legendary you're using, unless it's a weapon or armor piece you're ABSOLUTELY attached to, don't infuse and waste marks, swap out for the blue and dismantle for the marks. If you have motes, use them to level the gear first. You get 5 marks instead of 3 for a fully leveled legendary. You don't have to upgrade it, just level it with experience. For those of us around through Y1, this is a familiar concept.
  5. Don't waste marks purchasing vendor gear right now. First, wait for Xur to show up. You don't know what he's going to have. Don't kick yourself in the teeth by wasting precious marks on something you're going to have to replace.
  6. Infusion, when you're capable of it marks wise, doesn't require armor for the same class, only a higher rating and of the same slot. Xur selling an exotic 290 helmet for Warlock and you play a Hunter lucky enough to have a 280 Legendary helmet? Have spare coins? Of course you do. Buy that mofo and infuse it into your legendary helmet. Or, buy that shit and save it for later. You're going to have it in your kiosk for later purchase as well, so don't worry. I think most of us are focusing on our main currently still anyway.
  7. Don't get too wrapped up in trying to force yourself into content that you're not leveled for. We all know how frustrating it is right now to try to get into Heroic and Nightfall strikes. There's no more Radiant Light buff from completing the Nightfall, so it's just straight rewards now. With that said, don't be afraid to try content either. Get yourself some friends together and just go slow. You can do it if you're patient and marginally well equipped.
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17th Sep 2015

Rank up your gunsmith! He gives quests when you reach rank 2 and 3. The rank 2 quest gives a 280 weapon, the rank 3 gives an exotic
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