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17th Nov 2016

Are you bad but want to be less bad? Are you the best player ever and want everyone to know it? Either way, post a video, or a link to a video, of your pve game play and we'll look at it and tell you ways you can improve. If you are timid and don't want everyone to know how bad you are you can send the link directly to an officer but then we'll have to make fun of you behind your back and we don't want to do that. 

I came up with the idea after watching Evan stream and play much better than me. I know that I'm slipping and wanted him to watch my game play. He said everyone should have that option so here we are.  Post your shit and get better.

Beechylicious out
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17th Nov 2016

Good idea beechums, will post after next week


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17th Nov 2016

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7th Dec 2016

Here's my video of last night's WotM attempt. Thanks for the help guys! One thing to note -- I find myself getting one-shotted far too often by the walker on siege engine. What am I doing wrong?? ... ominion/v/105763642
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