Majors and where to find them!
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Because not everyone knows the best spots to farm for a specific major type here is a list from reddit that outlines the better areas to focus on when trying to complete the bounties.

I have notated my preferred spots with *

*Hive Majors - Earth: Steppes.
The obvious known location is in the subway as soon as you spawn in the Cosmodrome. One knight and two acolyte majors. If someone else is fighting them, you can stand above their location and reap the rewards. (3 majors)

Fallen - Venus: Ishtar Cliffs.
The Fallen majors spawns near the water caves and the two landing areas for the Skiffs. Do a rotation around the map to have the Fallen continuously spawn. (2-4 majors)

Vex Majors - Venus: Ishtar Cliffs.
There is one Minotaur that spawns by the stairs before heading to Waking Ruins (VoG). Around the area there is a RNG spawn of Vex majors. (1-3 majors)

*Vex Majors - Venus: The Citadel.
Another good alternative is The Citadel with two Minotaurs before the stairs to The Terminus and one Minotaur to the right of it. Also at the opposite end of The Citadel if you cross the bridge, there are a few RNG Vex major spawns. (3-5 majors)

*Cabal Majors - Mars: The Hollows.
Check the areas outside the Dust Palace and its entrance. Also check inside Building 5 to Building 7. Do a rotation like trying to do the Buried Story mission. (3-5 majors)

Vex Majors - Mars: Tharsis Junction.
At the entrance of the station there is two Minotaur and one Harpy major. There is another RNG Harpy major that shows up in groups of 3 arc shielded Harpies. (2-3 majors)

Hive Majors - Moon: Archer's Line.
The two Knights are located just before the Hive Fortress through abandoned space dome thing. I don't recommend this method because it is not as effective as the Earth location. (2 majors)

Fallen Majors - Venus story: Scourge of Winter.
Last checkpoint, Draksis. Two Fallen majors that are easy to find and kill. To wipe, let Draksis stomp you. (2 majors)

Fallen Majors - Earth story: Ruling House.
Last checkpoint in King's Watch, there are three Fallen captain majors and one Servitor major. Do not kill all three captains or the story will end. You can kill two captains and one servitor. To wipe, jump out of the window. (3 majors)

Hive Majors - Moon story: The Wakening.
Last checkpoint, there are four Hive wizards around Crota's crystal. I don't recommend this method unless you're a decent sniper. Using a solar sniper rifle, you can pick them off easily with a headshot and body shot without aggroing the other wizards. Jump on a platform to avoid the Knights hitting you or take out the knights first. (4 majors)

*Fallen Majors - Venus story: The Archive.
The very first checkpoint in this mission spawns you in the room where Simiks-3 and 2 major Vandals come out of a doorway. Kill Simiks then the vandals then kill yourself for an easy 3. (3 Majors)
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