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Ladies, this is something I started to think about after Mike asked for ideas on how to spice up the raid/off nights. While I am no longer a raider, and more then likely will not participate, I thought these would be some fun ways to pass the time so without further ado...



  • Only three subclasses are allowed: Striker, Voidwalker, Blade Dancer.
  • Hunters and Warlocks must use "Blink"; Titans must use Death From Above and Shoulder Charge
  • There must be 2 Titans, 2 Hunters, and 2 Warlocks
  • Sniper Rifles are not allowed to be used ON ANY FIGHT
  • NO EXOTICS! Yes, this does mean you CANNOT use Touch of Malice. The only Exotic you can use is Gally!
  • No talking during any fight. 


  • You are only allowed to pick up the Relic from one side once.
  • ***Requires Testing*** Only one person can go and get the relic (I am unsure if you can drop the relic, break the shield which is only accessible to the person getting the relic, then re pick up the relic without losing progress). This also means that the enemies and shield guys will be only targeting the relic holder.
  • No Supers Allowed


  • If one person falls everyone must restart.
  • Everyone must always be on the same ship
  • No Sword Use
  • ***For the Lol's*** I was going to make a rule where only the raid leader could use his eyes. Everyone else must play blind and let the raid leader dictate where to stand, when to jump etc.


  • You must alternate sides once you go to the middle. 
  • You must use a Sidearm and a Hand Cannon.
  • You can only kill the witches/wizards when you are in the middle. All other adds must be let go.
  • No Grenades can be used


  • You can only use Primary Ammo on Warpriest.
  • No Scout Rifles are permitted.
  • You can only kill the Acolytes/Thrall with Melee Attacks (Cursed Thrall are the exception)
  • You can only kill the Wizards/Knights with Supers and Grenades
  • After each Damage Phase; Everyone shifts to the position on their left (Up top to right, middle to up top, right to middle)
  • No person can have the aura twice
  • You must stack up top for the first damage phase (This should be funny since it involves jumping).


  • You must use an Auto Rifle.
  • You must do a new method. You start with 6 Orbs, and then each time you complete the cycle, you lose the ability to use an orb.
  • Everytime you complete the Orb cycle, 2 new Gaze Holders must be used.
  • Once taken Spawn you must immediately drop the orb, grab his gaze and DPS. You cannot wait and clear the taken out. 
  • Supers are not permitted to be used on Tier 1 Enemies. However, if you use it on the boss and it splashes onto enemies, that's okay (Hunters get creative  ).
  • Corrupted Light Holders must get out of the pit, and dance by the entrance. Yes, you must dance or you have to wipe.

Jump Puzzle 2.0:

  • No Sword Use.
  • If one person dies everyone must restart where you enter from Golgoroth. 
  • No Shortcuts may be used.
  • Everyone must complete this Puzzle. No going to Orbit and being pulled in.

Daughters of Oryx:

  • Must kill the Right Daughter First
  • Stacking must be done on the small inlets below the Daughters Platform.
  • Scout Rifles must be used.
  • Only Primary Damage can be used on the Daughters.
  • Only Secondary Damage can be used on the adds.
  • No Supers, No Grenades, No Melees.
  • You cannot kill the snipers, again you may need to get creative in order to stay alive/keep the runner alive.

Okay Guardians, you've done well, but can you slay a God?

Oryx, a Mother Fucking GOD:

  • ***Not sure if this is possible due to Light Level Constrants*** Everyone must have Gally Equipped! If you want to kill a God, you must use a weapon that was formerly one itself. Also everyone must hit Oryx's Chest at least one time with Gally.
  • Pulse Rifles must be used.
  • You must use a new strategy. You have to purposely let a Knight Eat one pillars orb everytime. You also must detonate enough orbs to take Oryx down in one go.
  • Platforms change every single slam. You start by rotating counter clockwise to get to your new platform.
  • ***Requires Testing*** There are two runners who alternate each slam. The runners must be either Warlock or Titan, and yes, Blink is still a must.
  • Every time a Shade is killed, you rotate platforms in the opposite direction.
  • Ogres/Shade have no restraints on what you can use to kill them, but it cannot break any of the rules listed above.
  • Thrall can only be killed with Melee

There you go Guardians. Can you do it?

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You all sucjk
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I'm interested in some of this but Jesus Christ can we leave out silent? Or do that as a separate challenge all together?


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