[GUIDE] The Leviathan - Royal Pools (Prestige)
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  1. More Bathers spawn during the DPS phase.
  2. When Bathers are killed, they leave an AoE on the floor that removes 5 stacks of Psionic Protection per second that you stand in it.
  3. Once the DPS phase is complete, four random people will gain a buff called “Burden of Worthiness” and will then see a symbol above the Sun plate. 
Make sure you don’t stand where a Bather was killed. During the DPS phase, more Bathers will spawn so make sure you’re saving your supers if you’re one of the two Guardians assigned to the Defender Team.

Once we complete a DPS phase, everyone needs to stay in the middle and be on the lookout for the Burden of Worthiness debuff. If you get this debuff, you will see a random symbol above the Sun plate. This signals to you that you need to run to the corresponding plate with the same symbol on it to start the next phase. 

Axes is Top Left, Chalice is Top Right, Dog is Bottom Left, and Guards is Bottom Right.

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