[GUIDE] The Leviathan - Pleasure Garden
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How to start the event
  • Kill all adds in the garden, make sure the four people in the Spore Runner Team are ready, and pick up both prisms above the safe room to start the encounter.

General Explanation
  • Kill all six Wardogs before they can finish their 30 second Psionic Howl, which wipes the group at the end of the cast. In order to accomplish this with the highest amount of consistency in varying raid compositions, we will be going through two DPS phases on the Wardogs. 
  • The raid will be split into two teams, the “Spore Runner Team” and the “Prism Team.” The Spore Runners will start this encounter above the safe room on top of a recessed circular door that opens once the prisms are picked up allowing access into the safe room. 
  • From there, the Spore Runners will pick up one of the four spores and await the flower location callouts from the Prism Team. Running together as a group, as tightly as possible, the Spore Runners will go to each flower location called out and pollinate it, giving the entire group a buff when they are on the garden’s floor called “Empowering Spores.” For each spore taken to a flower and pollinated, the group will receive three stacks of this buff that makes everyone do more damage to the Wardogs. 
  • On the first DPS phase, we will pollinate three flowers, giving us 36 stacks of the Empowering Spores buff. Once we have achieved this, we will split up and go to our assigned flowers to await our Wardog. After a simple countdown of “3-2-1-go,” we will aggro a Wardog making all of them run to their designated flower. With 36 stacks of the buff, we should all be able to DPS our individual Wardogs down to roughly 10-25% health with relative ease. 
  • Even if you feel capable, do not kill your dog during this first phase! 
  • On the second and final DPS phase, we will again split up and finish the Wardogs off as soon as we have 24 stacks. 
  • Prism holders will be calling out flower locations for the four Spore Runners. 
  • For our clan, the callouts for them are “easy left” and “easy right” which are the two closest flowers on the left and right side of the safe room (bottom of the map.) 
  • Then there is “mid left” and “mid right” which are the flowers that are located on the left and right perimeter walls (left and right sides on the map.) 
  • Next, we have “top left” and “top right” which are the flowers furthest from the safe room (top of the map.) 
  • Last, we have “trees” and “cave” which are, you guessed it, next to one of the four trees and in a small cave (middle of map.)

Individual responsibility
  • Each guardian is responsible for their Wardog and should do whatever they can to maximize the amount of damage they can do in under 30 seconds. 
  • Prism holders are responsible for killing the spawning Cabal with their prism after each flower has been activated. 
  • When splitting up to get to their assigned flower, everyone is also responsible for not accidentally aggroing a Wardog before the countdown is made. 
  • If you have questions about the Wardogs pathing mechanics, please ask!

Spore Runner Team (comprised of 4 Guardians)
  • Wardogs are only able to see you if you move into their line of sight. Once they turn around, you are able to walk behind them with very little worry of being seen. As soon as a Wardog turns his back to you, simply walk behind him to where you want to go. You should never sprint near a Wardog as that seems to aggro them very easily, even if it has his back turned to you.
  • When a spore holder gets within a couple yards to a flower, the flower will “engage.” This means that it will open and make an audible noise indicating it needs to be hit with a prism beam. However, this cannot happen unless all four spore holders are in close proximity to the flower in order to maximize the amount of spore stacks the group receives. You will gain three stacks of the Empowering Spores buff per spore that was close to the flower when it was hit with a beam of light from the prism. If done correctly, each flower should yield 12 stacks.
Prism Team (AKA Spotters, comprised of 2 Guardians)
  • The players responsible for the prisms will note that while you can pick them up at the beginning, you cannot do anything with them unless you’re standing in one of the beams of light located around the map. 
  • In order to get to these beams of light, you need to be confident in your ability to jump from pillar to pillar. If you fall, it could very well cause the group to wipe so if you aren’t comfortable, please let the leadership know. 
  • You need to be vocal with the callouts of the locations for the blooming flowers that are glowing bright pink so that they can be pollinated from the Spore Runner Team. 
  • The flower locations and pillars of light are indicated on the map below. 
  • Once the Spore Runner Team is on it’s way to the flower you called for them, you need to start making your way to the beam of light that you will be in line of sight of it so that when they get there, you can hit it immediately. 
  • Soon after you help pollinate a flower, a Cabal Beast Handler will spawn close to where the Spore Runner team was. It is your responsibility to kill it with your prism. Again, you need to be in a beam of light to use the prism. 
  • The left and right spotters holding the prisms will alternate back and forth calling out and helping pollinate flowers until the group has pollinated three flowers, giving the group 36 stacks of the Empowering Spores DPS buff. 
  • The raid leader will then call for the group to split up and go to their assigned flower that their Wardog will run to. After a simple countdown of “3-2-1-go,” we will aggro one of the Wardogs making them all run to their flower. You have roughly 20 seconds to DPS your Wardog as much as you can, without killing it. Do not kill your Wardog in the first phase. 
DPS Phases
  • We will split up before aggroing any of the Wardogs. During the first DPS phase, you want to do as much damage as you can to your Wardog, without killing it. You will have roughly 20 seconds before a callout is made to retreat back to the safe room. Utilize your super, grenades and power weapons to bring your Wardog down to roughly 10-25% health remaining. There are many different subclasses and loadout choices that will work for this, so it is up to you. 
  • In the second and last DPS phase, we will again split up before aggroing one of the Wardogs and finishing them off. 
Tips and tricks

  • Titan: Striker (Code of the Earthshaker) Double Pulse Grenades at 36 stacks of the Empowering Spores buff will kill a Wardog so please only use one during the first DPS phase. We suggest dropping grenades on the flower since any action against the Wardog will cause it to stagger and stop moving towards its flower. Save Fists of Havoc for helping others clean up their Wardogs and alternate between R1 and R2 on them to maximize DPS.
  • Hunter: Gunslinger (Way of the Sharpshooter with Celestial Nighthawk). Golden gun shot along with incendiary grenade should deal a hefty amount of damage. Other specs might need some help damaging/killing their assigned dog.
  • Warlock: Voidwalker (Attunement of Hunger). Nova bomb and vortex grenade along with a few merciless shots will be enough to kill a dog from at 36 stacks in a very short time. This spec should allow you to damage your dog and a neighbor’s dog in each damage round.
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