[GUIDE] The Leviathan - Castellum
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General Explanation
  • The goal here is to obtain three standards and place them in a plate that will then open the door that leads to the next encounter.
  • Councillor, Axes, Dog, Sun, Chalice.
Individual responsibility
  • Stay alive. The Defense Team needs to be on the lookout for Councillors/Standard Liberators at all times and kill them ASAP. The Running Team needs to work efficiently together to make the encounter as short as possible.
Defense Team (comprised of four Guardians)
  • Three to four guardians will stay behind to guard the objective area plate. The objective area plates are located in front of the entrance to the “tunnels” that lead to Royal Baths, Pleasure Gardens, Gauntlet and Calus respectively. Since the order in which Royal Baths, Pleasure Gardens and Gauntlet occur each week varies, the raid will need to be aware of what that week’s order is. When in the Castellum, approach the tunnel entrance that is associated with the encounter/event you are pursuing. The Defense Team will need to defend the plate in the floor that will accept three standards that the runners will retrieve and return to it. The standards are “slammed” into each corner of the plate. Once the running team has retrieved and slammed the standard, the defense team will need to be on point to keep trash away from the plate. If any trash steps on the plate, they can remove the standard and reset the whole process. A few seconds after the standard has been slammed into the plate, two Councillors will spawn. These needs to be dealt with ASAP.  
  • When the Councillors spawn after the standard has been slammed, they will shield mobs preventing them from taking any damage. The Councillors themselves are shielded and they can only be killed via melee. After the standard is slammed, the defending guardians need to be looking out for Councillors. A text alert will pop up on the screen indicating the the Councillors have arrived. Simply find them, call them out and go kill them.
  • You want to stay close to the plate during this ordeal, do not stray too far from the plate because if a Standard Liberator sneaks by and grabs the standard, we will have to spend more time to get another standard.
  • If you are getting overwhelmed with trash, fall back to standing on the plate. Standing within the confines of the plate will give you a decent, but very short, damage buff that will help you dispatch the trash quickly.  
  • Rinse and repeat this whole process 3 times (one for each standard that is retrieved and slammed into the plate by the running team). 
Running Team (comprised of two to three Guardians)
  • Once the initial plate add wave has been cleared the symbol for the 1st standard will appear. Make sure to move quickly towards its location and start clearing adds ASAP.
  • Alternate supers/grenades/heavy to maximize DPS on the Ultra add that spawns. Once this add is dead one person grab the standard and the others head to a plate that will most likely spawn next. Rinse and repeat until all standards have been collected.
Tips and tricks

  • Running team needs to work on moving from plate to plate efficiently. Ideally with three runners everyone can cover a plate as the first standard is being taken back in order to make sure time is not wasted.
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