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How to start the event
  • To start this event, simply shoot the cup out of his right hand.
General explanation
  • Make the boss’s health get to zero by utilizing a DPS buff we get from his spirit realm and then standing on the four plates to do as much damage to him as possible. 
  • The “outside team” refers to the people that will stay in the throne room. 
  • The “inside team” refers the people that stay in the spirit realm. 
  • The “left, middle and right” assignments refer to the orbs in the spirit realm and your positions during the majority of the encounter. 
  • The “first, second, third and last” callouts are only for the inside team and the person assigned to kill the Councillors on the outside.
Individual responsibility
  • Every member of the Outside Team is responsible for killing adds as efficiently as possible and staying alive while the Inside Team is in the spirit realm. 
  • Every member of the Inside Team is responsible for calling out the symbols they see on Calus’s forehead, killing the Psions that spawn in front of them as well as making sure they don’t get bumped over the barriers to their death. 
Outside team (comprised of 3 Guardians)
  • Guardians will be assigned a left, right or middle position. This corresponds with the orb in the spirit realm you must run into in order to be ported back outside.
  • Left Guardian - Kill adds and stay alive. If you have nothing to shoot on your side, look towards the center since adds will spawn from the center door.
  • Right Guardian - Kill adds and stay alive. If you have nothing to shoot on your side, again - look towards the center for adds.
  • Middle Guardian - Inside group is going to callout three of the four symbols. Your job is to melee the Councilor on the platform that has not been called. For instance, if you hear “Dog, Chalice, Sun,” you will need to kill the Axe platform.
  • After four rounds of Councillors, the Outside Team needs to clean up adds and prepare to DPS the shield off the boss. When Calus raises his arms into the air, the Outside Team will DPS him to within a few shots of his shield breaking. The raid leader in the Outside Team will need to call to stop DPS if needed and restart as he gets closer to the completion of his cast in order to maximize the amount of Force of Will stacks. Please note that outside takes ticking damage while Calus channels so do not take any extra damage if you can help it, stay alive!
  • After his shield breaks, the Outside Team will move when a Sunspot is cast at their location and then will wait till the Inside Team calls that they are coming back outside. At this point, all Guardians will jump on the Wardog platform to begin DPSing the boss.
Inside team (comprised of 3 Guardians) 
  • When we are teleported inside, you go up to the white barrier in front of the position you were assigned to. If you are left, you will be standing in front of the left orb etc. During this phase, Calus will be pushing you forward until we get through all four phases. Do not jump over the barriers unless the next one is active! However, you can move left and right to avoid obstacles.
  • You will hear a callout of “first”, this means that the inside leader is about to start the callout sequence and you need to get ready to call out your symbol that you see on Calus’s forehead. The leader will call his out first, then the second will say theirs, and then the third will say theirs. 
  • After all three symbols have been called, three Psions will appear roughly 50 feet in front of you. You need to kill these as soon as possible because if you don’t, they can launch a rolling purple projectile that travels on the ground to you which detonates on impact launching you up and over the barrier, and to your death. 
  • Two white floating Councillors will also appear shortly after the Psions appear, these need to be killed as well. If they are left alive too long, it will cause a wipe.
  • While inside, there are four separate phases where you will have to call out your symbol, kill Psions and Councillors.
  • Once all four phases have been completed, a last set of three Psions will spawn again. Kill them, and then we will be free to move around. Stack up on the middle person to do the next phase.
  • Calus will then open his mouth and start throwing up floating skulls that seek to our positions. We need to kill as many of these skulls as possible because they give our entire team a stacking buff that makes us do more damage to him in the throne room. Stacking up on the middle person ensures we are able to eliminate the highest amount of skulls possible by having them converge on a single point.
  • After Calus is done throwing up skulls, three orbs will appear. Run over to one and it will teleport you back to the throne room where we will begin the DPS phase. 
  • NOTE - The first time you go into the spirit realm, the only thing you need to worry about is being sucked towards a ramp that takes you over the next white barrier. The next time you go in, and every time after that, there will be missing tiles in the floor that you will also need to avoid. If it is your first time in here, please note that during the first phase, you will be able to see where the missing ones will be because they are the sunken tiles. 
DPS Phase
  • First and foremost, we expect you to use the Coldheart exotic trace rifle and the raid rocket launcher because they have consistently produced the highest damage output on this boss to date. If you don’t have them, some good options are the Merciless exotic fusion rifle and the Sweet Business exotic auto rifle.
  • To DPS on this boss, you need to be standing on a platform. You need to wait for the callout before jumping up onto the first platform in the rotation so that everyone has 100% uptime on Calus. 
  • We go in a counterclockwise direction starting on the bottom right platform (Wardog), then moving forward to the top right platform (Sun), then top left platform (Chalice), and finally the bottom left platform (Axes.)
  • His critical hit spots are on his head while he is a humanoid and his chest when he is in his mechanical form. 
  • After each time we jump onto a platform, it is imperative that you watch Calus’s right arm because when he raises it up, you need to start moving to the next platform. If you don’t, he will snap his fingers (in his humanoid form) or shoot our platform (in his mechanical form) and you will be killed instantly. The raid leaders will be calling out to “move” to the next platform. 
  • On the first platform (Wardog), the assigned Warlock will drop their Empowering Rift and the assigned Titan will drop their Rally Barricade. Everyone will then throw their grenades and continue DPSing with Coldheart utilizing the Rally Barricade to reload instantly. If you run out of ammo, swap to whichever weapon you have ammo for that will produce the highest amount of damage.
  • Towards the end of our time on the second platform (Sun), or when we move to the third platform (Chalice), we will most likely have done enough damage to him to move him into his mechanical form. There is a transitional period where he becomes immune to all damage, and we will call out to “stop attacking” during this time to conserve ammo. We will then call when it is safe to attack him again, but we will only get a few seconds of DPS into him before we need to move to the next platform.
  • On the last platform (Axes), depending on our raid’s composition, we will again be having the assigned Hunters, Warlocks and Titans use their Shadowshot, Empowering Rift and Rally Barricade respectively. 
Transition Phase
  • Stay on whatever side you were assigned to and try to tag as many adds as you can with your grenades, melee abilities and power weapon. Ammo is your worst enemy on this fight, so you need to get as much of it as possible during this phase so you don’t get caught with your pants down when it matters. 
Tips and tricks
Recommended subclasses
  • Titan - Striker (Code of the Earthshaker.)
  • Hunter - Nightstalker (Way of the Trapper), Gunslinger (Way of the Sharpshooter with Celestial Nighthawk.) 
  • Warlock - Voidwalker (Attunement of Hunger), Stormcaller (Attunement of the Elements.) 
Recommended loadouts
  • Primary - Auto rifles for the Inside Team, Scout rifles for Outside Team. If you don’t have the Coldheart exotic trace rifle, the Sweet Business exotic auto rifle is a solid substitute. 
  • Energy - Coldheart exotic trace rifle should be your #1 choice for the DPS phases. If you don’t have it, use a solid energy auto or scout rifle.
  • Power - Swords and cluster bomb rocket launcher like the raid one for cleaning up adds between phases are suggested. High impact fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles will work well too. If you don’t have Coldheart, the Merciless exotic fusion rifle is really good.
Other things to note
  • For the Inside Team, once the person on the outside kills the proper Councillor, the next white barrier that runs along the ground will activate. You will see it up ahead around where the Psions spawned. You can jump over the one you’re currently on to move forward, especially if you have a Psion that keeps hiding from you. 
  • Shoot stuff, use your super for elite mobs, swords, fusion rifle and raid rocket launcher are great, line of sight laser beam using pillars and councillor bubbles, don’t stand in random spawning orange fireball of death - don’t die.
  • For Warlocks, both stormcaller and voidwalker are viable for outside/inside roles. Voidwalker provides additional survivability and solid boss DPS by using a nova bomb (devour build), while stormcaller provides great ad-clearing capabilities as well as arc souls. The arc soul is very helpful during the skull-shooting phase inside, as it kills many skulls that the three players would’ve normally missed due to their proximity.
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